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Wed, Dec 8 2021 11:02 AM (10 replies)
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  • alosso
    20,558 Posts
    Tue, Dec 7 2021 8:12 AM

    Tin foil hats are available in the shop across the street, tomorrow.

  • PureGro1
    731 Posts
    Tue, Dec 7 2021 8:28 AM

    Would appreciate  input/feedback

    Your stats and ranked round from end of Oct say your about where I would expect. Keep practicing and drop the hybrid for a 3rd wedge.

  • hpurey
    11,407 Posts
    Tue, Dec 7 2021 8:33 AM

    I’ve been pretty vocal with WGT the last few months. Even got myself suspended for a week or two, a couple of times. 

    Being this is your first post in the forums I can only assume that you've been "vocal with WGT" via email.  If you're getting suspended then perhaps change your tone when contacting them.  Not saying you're being rude, but just be cognizant of how your messages may be taken.

    As for your concern with the game targeting you..... I've noticed over the years of playing that the game does challenge you from time to time.  I always just accepted it as the game making me try to get better or gets me to focus on shots again.  Too easy for me to just take shots for granted (ie  lazy play) as they are shots I've taken many many times.  


  • Dave33200
    2,356 Posts
    Tue, Dec 7 2021 9:51 AM

    What are you having problems with? Is it putting, can’t get close to the hole from the fairway, or?

    It’s hard to help without knowing what the problem is but the suggestion if dropping your Hy-bird for a 3rd wedge is a very good start.



  • SamSpayed
    3,706 Posts
    Tue, Dec 7 2021 10:02 AM

    Would appreciate input/feedback 

    It doesn't sound like your involvement with WGT (and that includes both your game play and whatever got you suspended 3 times) has been much of a de-stressor.  If anything, it sounds like it's causing you more stress.

    I would suggest the following, as a start:

    1. Whatever got you suspended from WGT, stop doing that.  Accept your past suspensions, learn from them, and move on.  Posting things like "This site is run by asshats" as your status buys you nothing but ill will.
    2. Play (and finish) more ranked rounds.  The more you play, the better you'll get.  If you're having a bad ranked round (what I call a "throwaway round"), finish it anyway.  Use it as an opportunity to practice some shots and putts that are giving you trouble.  Observe and learn.

    Your game play is not being targeted by WGT.  They are understaffed and don't have time for that.

    Best of luck to you.  I hope you find enjoyment with the game.

  • BWerthy
    973 Posts
    Tue, Dec 7 2021 10:05 AM

    Join a CC, you can learn a lot just from reading. My old club had a guide for players like you and there was so much material to glean it took months before I started asking question of my own that didn’t pertain to the guide. 

  • HamdenPro
    829 Posts
    Tue, Dec 7 2021 10:43 AM

    Your game play is not being targeted by WGT

    I just stumbled upon this thread and had to smile to myself as I totally understand the original poster's frustration. Although I do not have the experience, and knowledge, of those who have replied before me, I believe I am more familiar with the way the WGT Moderators operate, having been on moderation since before I joined WGT, and equally knowledgeable about the Guardians.

    First, it is 100% correct that WGT is messing with his game. They messed with mine all the time. It is the only reasonable explanation for my poor play. As Mr. Spayed well knows, it is NEVER MY FAULT !

    I believe that if you are nice to the Moderators and Guardians, game play will improve. I remember a few times; I would type in chat a request that my WGT Guardian guide my ball and often times my shot "settles in nicely" even if I totally mess up on the ding.

    Once, after a rough week, I was playing solo and was feeling down. I started talking to my laptop, out loud, talking to my WGT Guardian. I shot a 28 on Wolf Creek. One of my best rounds. Every putt was dropping like magic. That is when I knew, I have a WGT Guardian. Since I have opened my heart and accepted my Guardian as my Saviour, my play has improved, and I am getting much more enjoyment from the WGT experience.

    Also, it never hurts to write to WGT. I do on holidays, wishing them good tidings and sometimes just to say Hi. I do write to complain, at times, usually about how I look in certain clothing items I purchased, and, on very rare occasions, about another member.

    Keep in mind, there is a difference between the Guardians and the Moderators. The Moderators job is to make sure you comply with the rules when communicating on WGT. The Guardian's job is twofold. First, and foremost, the Guardians carry out various task given to them by the Moderators. So, a Moderator may tell the Guardian to make sure you lose a few balls, or lose to a Hack, etc... If you are not on good terms with your Guardian, the Guardian may carry out those orders and mess with your game. The second thing Guardians do is to watch over you and attempt to guide you on the path which will lead to a happy co-existence with the Moderators,

    You need to appease your Guardian, develop a relationship (flattery works great). Once you have developed that special relationship, and allow the Guardian into your life, the Guardian will not follow the moderator's orders but, instead, will watch out for you and guide your balls through the fairways of life.

    Now, some of you may believe this is just a bunch of *****. I pay no mind to those naysayers, I know my Guardian cares about me and I care about my Guardian. (I am not real keen on the Moderator moderating me though and hope, someday, my Guardian will rise to Moderator status at which point my Chi will be in total balance and I will become a Champion).


  • HamdenPro
    829 Posts
    Wed, Dec 8 2021 11:02 AM

    I also would like a little bit of consistency with how I play

    If you do not mind my saying so, if you started hitting balls in the woods, ditches, streams and lakes, after a while, your play would seem pretty consistent, IMHO. Plus, if you use starter balls to do that, it will cost way less. A WIN-WIN.

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