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who will have the last word .

Mon, May 16 2022 1:38 AM (1,567 replies)
  • gonfission
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    Fri, Jan 7 2022 3:31 PM

    I accept your offer & raise you...


    I just can't figure out if the package is worth the trouble.............4 week test drive of her, should be fine to tell....

    Uh oh, there's that misogynist thing.............. Slipped out



  • craigswan
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    Sat, Jan 8 2022 1:56 AM

    billy connolly .

    watched that one this week .

    love him .

  • craigswan
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    Sat, Jan 8 2022 2:01 AM

    Think photosynthesis is just for plants? Think again .

    It’s how the Incredible Hulk got his strength too .

    He was spectacularly thick .

    Incredible Hulk GIFs | Tenor

  • craigswan
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    Sat, Jan 8 2022 12:32 PM

    Do you see the man running into the woods or a dog running out .


  • craigswan
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    Sat, Jan 8 2022 12:46 PM

    In yet another twist to his versatility, National Covid Health Advisor Anthony Fauci has offered himself as backup to the Green Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

    Mr. Fauci claims he has perfected the "under-handed shovel pass" since high school days and has offered training for it to the Green Bay Team .

    "Trust me."

    the underhanded pass is not as easy as it sounds..

  • craigswan
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    Sat, Jan 8 2022 1:00 PM

    The infamous Loch Ness Monster of Scottish Gaelic folklore was first discovered on September 13, 1933, at 4:35 am in Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands .

    Unlike La Chupacabra creature in Texas, Nessie is not really ugly .

    Several Scottish shepherds, goat herders, and monkey trainers report having seen the sea monster up close .

    Nessie is not a male sea monster, but is actually a hermaphrodite sea creature who swings both ways .

    Reportage : Vérité sur le monstre du loch ness (GIF) Reportage : Vérité sur  le monstre du loch ness Download GIF Download MP4 Download WebM Loch Ness  (Lake), Loch (Geographical Feature Category), Tourist Destination,  Scotland, Glasgow, Scottish ...

  • craigswan
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    Sat, Jan 8 2022 1:08 PM

     The Colorado State Commission on Air Quality & Control has issued a city-wide alert for the mile-high city of Denver.

    Denver Chamber of Commerce said that recently air quality tests showed that the air over the city has gone from 33% marijuana all the way up to 67% in just a span of 3 months..

    The city will probably have to spend upwards of $1.7 million to purchase three of the most powerful industrial fans in the nation in order to blow the tons of marijuana smoke up to Wyoming..

    Wyoming Wind Sock - Imgur

  • craigswan
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    Sat, Jan 8 2022 1:13 PM

    News has just broken the story that sales of convertibles have plummeted by 83%.

    The tremendous fall is being blamed solely on the Coronavirus .

    The Chevrolet Corporation said that they are now selling more of their automobiles in Germany and Portugal than in any state of the nation; including Florida and California .

    Meanwhile, Chevrolet convertible sales have gone up by 515% in Latin America due to the fact that the Virus is virtually non-existent in the warm countries such as Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, and Lower Uruguay..

     Reports coming out of Mar-a-Lago state say pfffft .

  • craigswan
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    Sat, Jan 8 2022 1:17 PM

    Avoid stinging eyes and tears when chopping onions by not chopping onions..

    Onion Chop GIF by Jaz Gulati - Protrusive Dental Podcast

  • craigswan
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    Sat, Jan 8 2022 1:20 PM

    Avoid skid marks in YOUR undies by wearing someone else's then putting them back into their drawer afterward. He'll be scratching his head for hours wondering how his clean boxers got covered in ***.

    *** Your Pants Poop GIF by Four Rest Films