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"The Founders Club vs SEL"

Fri, Jan 7 2022 11:52 PM (44 replies)
  • onekeano
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    Mon, Dec 13 2021 8:59 AM

    onekeano v Joseph6153 

    tuesday evening  8pm uk

    come join the fun 



  • NrEighteen
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    Tue, Dec 14 2021 12:09 PM

    NrEighteen vs megamgm


    Always nice to bounce around at StA, this time I had the luck on my side and managed to win 6/5

    A pleasure playing with you, and thanks to all who put up this fight. Great fun! 

  • mike59a0
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    Wed, Dec 15 2021 11:25 PM

    Mike59a0 vs Jed64s


    Very windy game around BOFH with 7.3 greens. Jeremy was a fine opponent very sharp putting but unlucky with the wind. I had a steady game with a few heartbeats that I turned into birdies. I managed to hold onto my lead and finished 3up.

    A great game Jeremy a pleasure playing with you. Thanks to all who put this fight.

  • amateur4sure
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    Thu, Dec 16 2021 12:08 PM


    In case you hadn't noticed Johnny has a slight accent

    OMG Ken! Just about to hit the Zzz's here when I spotted the above via my mobile.

    Approaching  2am and in fits of laughter!

    'Slight'??? Bwahahahahahaha ohmahsides 😂😂😂

    Thanks for easing the pain.



    Psst... any idea how the  Dodgy fella  got on? *whistles innocently* 

    Bwahahaha Johnny ya fekker lol, Love it, Only thing I missed was You in Twitch chat, Now that would have been a true blast....   Geez the Dodgy "Donkeys Ass" May have lost, Memory not that good nowaday lol

  • Dougal7
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    Fri, Dec 17 2021 4:55 AM
    Trying to friend RedMccool so we can set up our game. Can someone give him/her a nudge?
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    Sun, Dec 19 2021 9:24 PM

    Trying to friend RedMccool so we can set up our game. Can someone give him/her a nudge?

    I will message him

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    Sun, Dec 19 2021 9:25 PM




    RANGER1988 / bluey403 JDGHOST/duaneemry
    cousinzeke1 / beeners58 0 Littleboots/WigerToods2010 5
    ibprime / bruce033 TomWillie0/VinnyGoombotz
    Gotsodriver / aliesen BStanley6/EasyJim
    FrankDa2 / onekeano Jrjjesse1/mihtymouse79 5
    MichelTHO / HKharroubi1 DanimalSports65/spgolfer
    amateur4sure / pjh1736 Rocky12101/Joseph6153
    xdout / twofallssteve megamga/Jimshaw39
    KenBTEXAS / ttuna1234 3 BuckWheat1947/plumbology 2
    NrEighteen / PAULFINN52 5 xxx/Vandalxxx/Russkoe360 0
    conexcon / SCHOLESY68 WilliamRNewmanJr/DaveBrooks
    bencat / immortalyoda rowlets/vatowood
    TOTAL 8 TOTAL 12
  • NrEighteen
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    Mon, Dec 20 2021 1:33 AM

    PAULFINN52/NrEIGHTEEN VS xxx/VANDALxxx/Russkoe360


    Had a nice round at Torrey, all in good fun. 

    As my partner played very solid, we secured a 6/4 win. This round showed that the margins can be very small, our opponents played well but suffered from numerous bad breaks, on any other day things could have ended very different. 

    Nice playing with you guys. 

  • littleboots
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    Mon, Dec 27 2021 2:25 PM

    Littleboots / WigerToods2010  vs  cousinzeke1 / beeners58


    Johnny and I took the match 3 and 1. The match was back and forth all the way to the 14th hole, but Tim and Eileen started to catch some bad breaks and we held on for the win. It was a pleasure playing with the two of you 😀

  • twofallssteve
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    Sun, Jan 2 2022 5:19 PM

    I would love to play but the team can't seem to pair up.