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"The Founders Club vs SEL"

Fri, Jan 7 2022 11:52 PM (44 replies)
  • bluey403
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    Sat, Dec 4 2021 3:34 PM

    Well JD's & my game was as close as expected. I found myself 2 down early and almost 3 as JD went so close to making eagle on the 5th

    The for some reason my computor shut down. I thought it would have been a timeout but i got booted

    Anyways we restarted on 7 and I found a bit or range will the putter and made a few birds to go 1up. JD got it back to level on 16 . headwind on 17 is never easy but we both made steady pars

    I was able to birdie the last & JD's putt broke hard and slid oh so close by.

    bluey 1 up

    Thanks mate, another really close & hard fought game

  • tino345
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    Sat, Dec 4 2021 8:26 PM

    well played bonghead886 

    i took a quick lead bonghead got it right back he went 2up was able to fight back to tie f9


    my wedges got hot on back 9 came up with a 3up win 

    was a pleasure meeting bonghead class guy hope we meet again sometime .

  • FrankDa2
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    Sun, Dec 5 2021 1:59 AM

    Hello there 


    Had a great game with Jwick, such a tight game. 


    I went 1 up early on, but Jwick pulled me back, then Jwick went one up and I pulled him back, early on in back 9 Jwick went 1 up again, only for me to win the next hole we ended up A/S after 18.


    I ended up winning the first extra hole with a birdie.


    I do feel the fair result for this game should of been a tie, Jwick was a true gentleman, and looking forward to playing him again.





  • amateur4sure
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    Sun, Dec 5 2021 8:22 AM


    amateur4sure    mihtymouse79

    Myself and Casey are up at 8PM UK 2PM Central on Wednesday 8th

    amateur4sure - Twitch

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    Sun, Dec 5 2021 9:11 PM


    bluey 1 up

    Thanks mate, another really close & hard fought game


    Cheers my friend was a good match well Done Pete!!


  • TdotDoba
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    Mon, Dec 6 2021 4:58 PM

    sounds like some tight ones already..... goooooooooooo SEL


    Have fun all

  • pjh1736
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    Tue, Dec 7 2021 5:55 AM

    Played my match with CoachAlaska (Jim) on Sunday, this weekend gone

    Despite a pretty even start an me going one up after the 4th, Jim quickly turned that around in three holes and I was was 1 down after the 6th and eventually, 2 down after the 9th

    I never really got back from that and continued to lose ground, at rate of a hole every few holes and finally lost 5 down

    I had an internet issue half way through the back 9 so we had to replay the back nine from the 12th hole

    Jim more than deserved his win, think he may have hit one, possibly two half bad shots all game and his short game was on fire.

    Well deserved his win

    Met another top person through WGT so there is always a bonus to playing

    Congrats Jim

    Good luck to everyone still to play their games, go out and have fun



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    Tue, Dec 7 2021 1:57 PM

    KenBTEXAS v Wigertoods2010 (Johnny)

    (Wed) 10pm UK

    and now I have a decent internet I plan on streaming.... YEAH

  • tino345
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    Tue, Dec 7 2021 9:28 PM

    played my moblie match with hepibhoy 

    i got off to a fast start took the lead when sunk a pitch on 3rd hole 

    hepibhoy was unlucky just missing his putt on 5th 

    he got it back on the 6th i got 7th 

    in the end the difference was my lucky pitch shot 

    tino wins 30 to 31

    was great fun and a great match really happy i joined this comp to meet some very nice lads

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    Wed, Dec 8 2021 1:10 PM


    KenBTEXAS v Wigertoods2010 (Johnny)

    (Wed) 10pm UK

    and now I have a decent internet I plan on streaming.... YEAH

    Good luck ­čĄ×