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"The Founders Club vs SEL"

Fri, Jan 7 2022 11:52 PM (44 replies)
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    Tue, Nov 30 2021 1:21 PM


                                CLUB vs CLUB BATTLE ROYAL

    Pete (Bluey403) Was kind enough to set up up a great spreedsheet and came up with this Fun format ...Our clubs will battle in all three facets of WGT Golf...PC Match Play,Mobile Head to Head Matches and an ALT-SHOT final!! 




    SEL 60
    DoubleEagleRob 3 rowlets 0
    aliesen 3 spgolfer 0
    onekeano 0 joseph6153 3
    amateur4sure 0 mihtymouse79 3
    ajarkovi 1 DaveBrooks 2
    Nicozandberg 3 EasyJim 0
    PAULFINN52 3 plumbology 0
    bluey403 3 JDGHOST 0
    KenBTEXAS 3 Wigertoods2010 0
    HKharroubi1 2 Buckwheat1947 1
    ibprime jmuir007
    NrEighteen 3 megamga 0
    cousinzeke1 0 JDGHOST 3
    ttuna1234 0 xxxVandalxxx 3
    xdout 0 Alkoholikk 3
    bencat 3 Gilly2017 0
    FrankDa2 2 Jwick231 1
    immortalyoda 3 duaneemery 0
    bruce033 0 Vatowoods 3
    RANGER1988 1 TomWillie0 2
    SCHOLESY68 3 Ruskoe360 0
    tino345 3 bonghead886 0
    Gotsodriver 0 DJL79 3
    pjh1736 0 CoachAlaska 3
    MichelTHO 0 Lad1962 3
    TOTAL 39 TOTAL 33

    jhusjr 2 AussieMick 2
    Carolinablu wd4080
    jhusjr 3 AdeDaly 1
    tino345 3 Hebibhoy 1
    Dougal7 RedMcCool
    mike59a0 3 Jeds64 1
    HOLLANDER68 2 Jobu333 2
    TOTAL 13 TOTAL 7



    ALT-SHOT Match up's to follow

  • bluey403
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    Wed, Dec 1 2021 2:37 AM


    JD will be along shortly to edit the sheet above. Couple of late minute changes to the line-ups. which is to be expected when reputations are on the line :-)

    as from tomorrow we are up & running, and uttering the words of the great Michael Buffer "Lets get ready to Rumble"

    A  fun filled , action packed , knock em down , drag em out month and a bit ahead

    Happy daze

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    Wed, Dec 1 2021 5:51 AM

    Boards are correct and Edited....

    Also if anyone from either Club want's to stream their match please post info ...I'm sure many from each of our teams would like to watch (with a little friendly trash talk of course ­čĄú)

  • Jobu333
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    Wed, Dec 1 2021 5:48 PM

    Has there been any direction on what the mobile players are supposed to do?  If it is head to head, we can only do 3 or 9 hole matches.  I don't know whether the equipment modifications or course conditions can be set.  Admittedly, I've never played H2H, except for coin games (before I realized they were useless).  

    If anyone else has some insight, I'd appreciate it.  I thought maybe it would be play a round and screenshot the score, like we did for the club event.



  • bluey403
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    Wed, Dec 1 2021 9:32 PM


    the mobile h2h are 9 hole strkeplay. i do believe they are random course and you guessed it just like a coin game

  • carlosdev
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    Thu, Dec 2 2021 2:03 AM

    Best of luck peeps

    Looks like a thriller :) :) 

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    Thu, Dec 2 2021 5:54 AM


    Best of luck peeps

    Looks like a thriller :) :) 

    Cheers Carlos!! 

    Tune in Friday as Pete(Bluey) and I will get this shindig started!! I'm sure Pete will post the Twitch info here as we sort the exact time!


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    Thu, Dec 2 2021 8:15 PM

    JD vs Pete 

    Tomorrow (Fri)  3pm PST  Pete will be streaming the match.....


  • bluey403
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    Thu, Dec 2 2021 11:36 PM

    lookin forward to it. our last game was a cracker in the WC earlier this year. i eeked out a win, but it was a good scrap

    no doubt JD will be primed for squaring the ledger

  • tino345
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    Fri, Dec 3 2021 4:22 AM

    I'm not sure if I'm doing this right don't usually post on wgt forums 

    Clicked on reply and see Pete's post with quote thing. 

    Anyways just a suggestion for mobile players 

    Since it's only random I would just quit game and restart on first hole

    Till you get a normal game if you get par 3,4 or 5 just restart 

    Cheers all and good luck