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Turf War pairings

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Wed, Dec 1 2021 6:16 AM (2 replies)
  • Blue588
    225 Posts
    Sun, Nov 21 2021 12:02 AM

    How does a tiny level 3 club manage to draw consecutive level 19 clubs in Turf Wars?

    I’m a single-member club still trying to earn the Shot Pal and my last 2 TWs have been against clubs at the top of the food chain, I thought TWs paired clubs within each others’ range, but this is just ridiculous.

  • GreggGardiner
    53 Posts
    Sun, Nov 21 2021 11:38 AM

    Nah dude, it just depends who activates and starts searching at the same or similar time, as far as I know.


  • RickEBaker
    119 Posts
    Wed, Dec 1 2021 6:16 AM
    Its really an arbitrary draw format. Im in a small family level 3 club and we generally get clubs of small size to play but not always, once in awhile the draw will throw an upper level club at us. All in the fun of the total WGT Experience ­čśŁ