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Natural Hazzards Country Club

Mon, Feb 14 2022 5:00 PM (15 replies)
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  • Chilts
    74 Posts
    Tue, Jan 4 2022 8:35 AM

    We're far from dead,very much alive, 50 members since starting at the end of October (4 today!), punching well above our weight in TW and Clash (34th last time) although that is absolutely not a priority. Always CC tourney on the go, we just started a handicapped winter league with about 40 guys signed up.


  • lenaroselena
    1 Posts
    Wed, Feb 2 2022 2:52 PM

    I first found WGT in November 2021 and joined Natural Hazzards CC shortly after, when replying to our founder's (Jon) post in WGT Lounge FB. I was welcomed by about 30 members at the time. We communicate on Discord daily. Discord network helps enhance our CC in many ways. I've gotten help on tricky shots from friends at a moment's notice. I also watched part of a live 9-hole match by two of our legends with voice commentary. With Discord, information is there at a moment’s glance. But the best thing about Discord is the chat between CC mates and finding a friend ready to hop on WGT and play 9 holes.

    Today is my 90th day playing WGT and about my 70th day with NHCC. My CC handicap and my average 18 holes have dropped significantly over the past couple of months. We usually have at least a half dozen CC tourneys going in house including a winter league and a pairs competition. Admittedly, there are times when it's a little hard to keep up with everything as our CC is so active. But we do what we can do. Today I have Winter League back 9 and I think a clash starting soon. So happy I found this group.

  • Roje2021
    6 Posts
    Wed, Feb 2 2022 4:52 PM

    Hey all, been here about a month now and this club has been awesome! I enjoyed WGT from the start but it was starting to get a little dull. Natural Hazards definitely makes things more interesting from unique club tournaments to chatting with others on Discord that have the same passion/addiction to this game. Still a relatively small club and I excited to keep watching it grow and move up levels.


    So  those out there looking for a club that is more than a free putter and shot pal then join Natural Hazards.

  • Ascot7
    1 Posts
    Sun, Feb 13 2022 8:54 AM

    I like many on WGT toiled in the coin rooms for a months before realizing there was more to WGT than I was experiencing.  In December 2021 I happened upon a Forum post from Natural Hazzards describing their club and requested to join.

    I quickly realized this club was quite unique, the use of Discord as a platform to communicate with Club players and provide priceless game tips puts the club at an advantage right away.  

    I received a warm welcome and valuable suggestions regarding equipment improvements and game tips which immediately took strokes off my game.  

    If you’re looking for more from WGT whether it’s strokes off your game or a friendly place to call home, check out Natural Hazzards …see you on the links! 


  • droggster
    46 Posts
    Mon, Feb 14 2022 3:00 PM

    I would like to join specially since you use discord.

  • JonPope0
    22 Posts
    Mon, Feb 14 2022 5:00 PM

    Thanks Joe - it's been good to chat to you on Discord. Hope you have a lot of fun with us.

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