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Very UNFAIR Travesty ....Things need to change!!

Fri, Oct 22 2021 6:54 PM (7 replies)
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    Wed, Oct 20 2021 7:19 AM

    My friend  OTTER57LANCE  who is a very honest legit guy we've been friends for years and we play (or PLAYED) very often ...The man has no clue why his account has been disabled? He has NEVER cheated or intentionally multi accounted. I believe he had an account years ago when he started WGT where his name was "misspelled"  So he NEVER used it ...It's still a HACK player with NO PLAY history ... (How many people have "Multi accounts in a situation like that I mean come on!!)This is the only thing he can think of? He's never broken any rules?

    We all know what "CHEATING" with multi accounts means A player "USES"  a second or third account to "sandbag" and win credits! Now THAT is reason to disable a persons account!! ....Countless players have opened more than one account when they started their WGT career out of ignorance BUT only used their 1 one official account. I mean I've seen the SAME person have 4 or 5 hack accounts and 1 legit legend account.... Same name with 1 number or letter difference.

    Now he does have a roommate totally different guy (Brian who I also know) Otter even introduced him  to WGT and he plays now and odds are living in the same single dwelling they are both using the same wifi and IP address? His name is Brian WGT Name (******) and I have played with BOTH in the same game on Skype at the same time and I can tell you for sure its 2 DIFFERENT people?

    Despite MANY MANY emails to customer support from Otter, Brian (His roommate) and even myself explaining the situation nothing has changed and moreover his emails have gone ignored!!

    His account remains disabled and closed  Needless to say Otter is very distraught ....He comes on Skype every night to report the "Non change" in his situation and still hangs around talking with all of us unable to play!!  SMH

     Terrible treatment to my good Friend Otter a "True American" Former Motorcycle Racing Legend .Till a near death motorcycle accident (He should have been dead! To many broken bones and surgeries  to count) Ended his career ..

    Ottis Lance - As well as his racing exploits, he held, for many years, the Guinness World Record for the longest wheelie on a road bike and the annals of American racing are filled with not only pictures of him but also a library of crazy and unbelievable stories about his exploits both on and off the track. 

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    I got your Back Buddy ...You don't deserve this treatment!!

    "The ­čĹ╗"

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    Wed, Oct 20 2021 1:21 PM

    Update: after over 2 months he finally got an answer from CS ...From what I heard their response was to ask him some questions followed by a "We'll look into it"

    Not sure what there is to look into But a response is something I suppose

  • callaghan159
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    Wed, Oct 20 2021 2:13 PM

    odds are living in the same single dwelling they are both using the same wifi and IP address?

    I have read a couple of other times of this being a result of someone's account being suspended. WGT has to find a solution to this issue. My wife wanted to try this game with her own account but I told her that is against the rules and WGT would suspend my account if caught..... maybe some day.

  • bossbird
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    Wed, Oct 20 2021 2:13 PM

    With so many cheats in the game , shame WGT don’t concentrate on those , and not someone who is clearly not a cheat . Fingers crossed for your friend

  • bluey403
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    Wed, Oct 20 2021 2:18 PM

    Keep attem JD, same happened to Dotty a couple of years ago. Thankfully common sense prevailed eventually.

    Free Dotty.....HE IS ; )

  • BOZskills
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    Wed, Oct 20 2021 2:36 PM

    Cal,you might try notifying c/s ahead of your wife setting up an acct. Getting their permission first. It might be worth a

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    Thu, Oct 21 2021 7:13 PM

    Thanks for the support everyone!! I would not go on the line for someone else unless I was 100% sure that what I stated was accurate ...

    That being said.. WGT HAS DONE THE RIGHT THING AND OTTER'S ACCOUNT IS BACK!!!!  GOOD JOB WGT...(see I give accolades when there due!!)

  • jimshaw39
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    Fri, Oct 22 2021 6:54 PM

    great work Ghost