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Game freezes when shot clock reaches zero

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Sat, Sep 18 2021 1:24 PM (4 replies)
  • billsmini10
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    Wed, Sep 15 2021 4:39 PM

    What causes this to happen?

    It has happened twice today and 4 times in the past week.

    When playing a hole, my opponent's shot clock runs out, and the game just freezes.

    I've waited, 10 minutes, and another time I waited 15 minutes. The game will popup a message that game is not saved, and I lose my entry fee for that hole.

    Only once has my waiting for a period of the above time that I got a message saying opponent has forfeited.

    Another time, I forfeited after waiting 15 minutes, but I still lose my entry fee.

    I have read that you can bring up task manager in Windows and halt the process and come back and it will resume, but that didn't work for the one time I tried this. I was just unable to get the game to load and had to wait about 20 minutes for the launcher to load the game.

    Every time this happens, I lose my entry fee.

    I play on a PC under Windows 10

    Thank you,


  • MarchieB
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    Thu, Sep 16 2021 7:50 AM

    The "why" is probably because you're playing a game where two or more people are using the internet to connect to a server in one part of the world from two other parts of the world and there are sometimes issues.

    If the counter "freezes" don't wait 10-15 mins to do something.

    After 5-10 seconds just close the window/app (do not end the match from the LH menu) When you reopen the Launcher/app it should* try to reconnect to the same game.

    Worst case scenario is that the game is lost but at least you aren't sitting twiddling your thumbs for 10-15 mins.

    When you wait for 10-15 mins whats probably happening is your opponent is reconnecting and you time out and forfeit the game.

  • billsmini10
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    Thu, Sep 16 2021 11:04 AM

    Thank you MarchieB, I'll try that next time this happens.


  • billsmini10
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    Sat, Sep 18 2021 9:38 AM

    I had this happen again today, I was putting and got disconnect notice. Retry didn't work, tried it 6 times. So I shut the game down and when I relaunched the game, it got stuck on the opening screen saying "Updating Profile..."

    When this happens, the game will not start, no matter how long I wait. 

    I have to quit and try again later, at least 15-20 minutes later, By then I have lost my entry fee.

    Today I lost a country club pass and my entry fee,,,

    thanks for reading this,


  • alosso
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    Sat, Sep 18 2021 1:24 PM

    Today I lost a country club pass and my entry fee,,,
    You will lose the CC pass only if you have no chance to play your first shot - it counts!

    My two Pfennig is NOT to use any MP game for anything else than the MP game itself.
    CDP, CC pass extra XPs, average... are all best enjoyed in single games!