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Delayed Response

Wed, Sep 22 2021 1:58 PM (26 replies)
  • blackridgenik
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    Mon, Sep 6 2021 8:44 AM

    Thing is it’s a touch screen, since the day I started to play I always hit the swing to start and I also hit the swing to stop, if they are saying that’s  to near the edge it really is rubbish. And if it is that they have altered something in the software from 1.71.1 Rev when it was fine to 1.71.8 then 1.71.10 and finally 1.71.12. Software doesn’t change people change it, and software doesn’t know where you hit the screen it just knows you have, unless they designate a area for you to do it in ie the swing meter. 

  • Alpick1
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    Sat, Sep 11 2021 12:11 PM


    I have received from wgt a response as to why the power bar carries on past where you hit stop, they said the following.

    We are continuing to look into this issue further and hope to have a resolution soon. In the meantime, it seems that this meter jump is caused when the player is clicking on the outer edges of their device. Please try clicking more towards the middle to see if this helps. 

     I will give it a try.

    I have received the exact same answer from WGT as well. I have recorded the swing meter both on my pc and my Ipad just bellow the pc screen then I started a 100% swing power at the same time on both devices and guess what ? The Ipad bar passes the Ding bar far ahead vs the pc swing bar.

    To be fair, I had the pc screen set up at the minimum screen 1024x768 in order to get the shorter meter to compare whit the Ipad, otherwise in full screen mode, the pc meter would have take even more time to travel !!

    On Ipad, it looks to me that when the green swing bar reaches the 1st vertical line before the Ding, it accelerates too much faster, the tempo seems unbalanced, too much unreal speed is reached in that blue pale zone. Thats what I thing the problem is.

  • blackridgenik
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    Sun, Sep 12 2021 12:08 PM

    All I can remember is the moment I hit stop it did seemed to go faster , I used very slow balls to see what was going on. I will say that hitting to stop the shot nearer to the centre is working ok for me, but it’s not ideal. Maybe they can make the swing meter do both actions, can’t be hard in software to do. 

  • Alan11855
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    Wed, Sep 15 2021 12:58 PM

    On another forum similar to this one it was mentioned that tapping the screen on an iPad more to the middle helps. 
    I tried that today and voila, it works! So instead of tapping in the bottom right corner I tapped just right of centre and had no issues at all. Odd fix but at least I can use my iPad for playing again.

    Hope this helps! 

  • blackridgenik
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    Thu, Sep 16 2021 7:11 AM

    Think we are still waiting for the full fix, not sure how this works as the whole screen is a touch pad, so hitting it anywhere should have the same result. I always used the area around the swing icon, all it saying to me is somebody in software tweaked something and it affected the parameters of the screen or something like that.

    I was doing something else and I could hit anywhere next to the edge and the touch screen responded, so wgt have definitely done something, accidentally of course.  

  • SlickHunter
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    Wed, Sep 22 2021 11:31 AM

    Having the same issue, it’s been days I’m unable to play.

  • Cicero733
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    Wed, Sep 22 2021 1:58 PM

    Apple just released iOS 15. Have you downloaded and installed that yet? I have been randomly experiencing the issues described above for several weeks and as Slick mentions some days the game is unplayable. I can’t understand the logic, because frankly it makes no sense, but since downloading and installing iOS 15 on Monday then deleting the WGT app and reinstalling it, I don’t seem to encounter the issue as much. I played 2 rounds today and did not encounter the problem once. I haven’t tried it with a ball other than TItleist, though.  Don’t know if this improved condition will hold consistently, but I’m hoping.

    Addendum - Tried some practice 3 hole rounds with my TM ball at CB. Fingers crossed all went well. Where I notice the improvement most is tee shots with irons. Prior to the install of iOS 15, I had a 100% error rate on tee shots with irons; the meter would fly to the right and regardless of when tapped, the meter would finish 1/2 to 1 full bar to the right. Didn’t happen today.