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Thu, Sep 16 2021 7:00 PM (42 replies)
  • JoeG540
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    Fri, Aug 13 2021 1:45 PM


    For mobile users the new version has caused nothing but trouble with touch screen and swing meter issues.  Stay with the 1.71.1 version. 


    STAY AT VERSION 1.71.1  

  • bossbird
    1,334 Posts
    Fri, Aug 13 2021 11:33 PM

    How do you stop it ?

  • garyk49
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    Sat, Aug 14 2021 4:59 AM

    I have read elsewhere the version 1.71.10 that is now in the app store for Apple mobile devices now works correctly.

    It was 1.71.8 version that was causing all the problems.

  • hinckleyfox
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    Tue, Aug 17 2021 10:03 PM

    I have just upgraded to latest version….BIG MISTAKE! On start of game, first tee shot, swing meter has delayed response to touchscreen causing my ball to slice wildly……lost numerous balls yesterday. It does seem to settle down after that, but still happens occasionally?

    I hope WGT sort quickly….I have contacted them!


    Cheers Dave

  • blackridgenik
    69 Posts
    Wed, Aug 18 2021 12:50 PM

    Wow I am having the same problem just thought it was me 

  • blackridgenik
    69 Posts
    Thu, Aug 19 2021 1:56 AM

    I upgraded to 1.71.1 and it is still a problem second shot in a clash and it went far far to the right.

  • RickinWaSt
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    Thu, Aug 19 2021 9:28 AM

    With a jerky meter try leading it move all the way through w/o hitting. Sometimes, this may result a smoother meter run. 

  • blackridgenik
    69 Posts
    Thu, Aug 19 2021 2:14 PM

    The meter is smooth just on occasions when I hit stop it doesn’t stop just carries on, using Bridgestone slow ball and you can watch it slowly go past that point to the end of the power bar.

  • QuotaRelief
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    Thu, Aug 19 2021 5:33 PM

    Same problems for me on iPad.  Totally sucks the game is really not playable.  I hope WGT can solve!  I’m 1 day away from 365 CDP.  Sorta sucks to reach that milestone when the game doesn’t work properly.

  • blackridgenik
    69 Posts
    Thu, Aug 19 2021 11:25 PM

    I also play on the iPad, I know other people who do but they don’t seem to have the problem, mine will happen at least once a game and like you said it ruins the game, it’s going to happen but you don’t know when. I have sent two complaints in but I have had no reply. 
    They need to go back 2 revisions to 1.71.1 and make it available to those have the problem if it’s possible, somebody said 1.71.10 works but I installed it and still the same.

    Apart from the balls I have lost I had to give up on the clash and I can’t see me finishing the showdown.