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Pfarden Memorial Tournament 2021

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Fri, Sep 10 2021 3:46 PM (75 replies)
  • carlosdev
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    Tue, Jul 27 2021 2:46 AM

    27th July 2021

    Carlosdev vs Akone12

    18 Holes MP at Bethpage Black

    5 PM UK

    Live stream "Click here"

    Thanks very much

    - Varun 

  • liam91
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    Tue, Jul 27 2021 9:32 AM

    Liam91 v Horatiow

    myself and Sam played our game today and i really enjoyed it.Sam is a good guy and a pleasure to have a round with.

    As neither of us are good with computers(Varun can attest to my uselessness)Marie you will have to check our profile pages for proof of the result.

    just to let you know Liam91 managed to beat Horatiow

    good game Sam 


  • akone12
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    Tue, Jul 27 2021 1:02 PM


    Hi Brian

    Hope you are well. 

    We have a game to play lol Take it easy on me ;) ;)

    lol you were too good for me but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for the chat & banter and as we mentioned, Pete would have enjoyed watching... a bit of magic....and a bit of.......well how can we put it.... bad luck lolol.

    Good luck in your next round Varun




  • carlosdev
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    Tue, Jul 27 2021 9:18 PM

    Brian and i played our game last night.

    It was a good fun with twitch viewers. Not sure who invited Chris to the chat.

    I had a good start then slowly started falling apart on b9. Brian was bit short with putts that put me back in the game and on the final hole 17 being the decider, Brian missed the putt and i managed to win the game.

    Thanks Brian for your time and good moments. Good luck in the Crystal bracket.

    Hole 3 CTTH

    carlosdev -15.3 ft

    Akone12 - 9 ft

    So right now, Brian is leading. 

    Good luck to everyone who are yet to play. Do not forget the CTTH on hole 3.

    Thanks again Marie for running this tournament for our dear friend.

    - Varun 

  • horatiow
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    Wed, Jul 28 2021 12:20 AM

    Good fun game with Mike. WE were all square after 9 but my old legs let me down on the back 9,should have hired a cart. Mike won 4 up. Hope to get another game with you Mike but only 9 holes please lol.  Sam

  • topaz53
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    Wed, Jul 28 2021 12:36 AM

    Well played Sam ,Mike ,Brian and Varun. 

    Both brackets have now been updated



  • amateur4sure
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    Wed, Jul 28 2021 7:57 AM

    Come on Jacqui get back to me so we can have some fun


  • Ess3xGooner
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    Wed, Jul 28 2021 12:00 PM

    Had a close game with Billy, only lost 6 down, lol. Very well played mate and good luck in the rest of the comp.


  • amateur4sure
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    Sat, Jul 31 2021 10:22 AM

    Jacqui & Myself are up in a few Hours, 8PM UK, 3PM EST

    I`ll try and Twitch it amateur4sure

  • krcun70
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    Sat, Jul 31 2021 11:07 AM

    Bruce and I played our match, which ended 7 up for me.

    I have to admit that Bruce was not lucky in many holes, so there is a big difference. All the best in the next games Bruce