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Pfarden Memorial Tournament 2021

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Fri, Sep 10 2021 3:46 PM (75 replies)
  • topaz53
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    Sun, Aug 8 2021 12:04 AM

    Well played Sam,Bruce,Ken.Jacqui,Varun.David,Mike,Zoki and Luis.

    Congratulations to you all that have managed to go through to the next round.

    Bracket Updated

  • dzonwejin
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    Mon, Aug 9 2021 5:52 AM

    played my match with Tom..was one of those rounds for both..for me super lucky :) and for Tom well not that much :(....thx for the round Tom always a pleasure mate...Miljan won at the end

  • akone12
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    Mon, Aug 9 2021 1:28 PM

    Jerry (jschins ) and I finally got to play our resumed match after a disconnection a few days ago but after what can only be described as yet another false start we continued to play and Jerry won.

    Not happy at the way he won, Jerry being a true sporting gent and in the spirit of the comp said that we would start all over again and play the full 18 uninterrupted, and what a great decision and game it was.

    Jerry deservedly won by 2 with some great shots and even better putting, thanks for resetting the game Jerry and good luck in the next round.



  • jschins
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    Mon, Aug 9 2021 1:33 PM

    Brian and I had a lovely match, when we finally were able to get in all 18 holes.  I had a power issue and got disconnected, Brian was nice enough to let us finish our game.  I didnt feel good about the outcome, and offered a rematch, so we did all 18 again.  I was lucky to hold on and won 2 up on the 17th green.  Solid match, and solid company. 



  • amateur4sure
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    Mon, Aug 9 2021 2:53 PM

    Talk about a hard round, Wow, All the abuse I got from Marie and with my Oppy (Billy), What a super fun filled round with all the people in Twitch having a laugh at our expense lol

    Bollox to it, This is what its all about, Some of us can knock the lights out on any course one Day but struggle on even our favourite course the next...

    Unless you are the top elite players of the game that manage to nail every round (BRAVO) then back to us mortals who occasionally have a decent round???  Open ended statement   Class act with a new friend Billy, Even though the bugger had an early 3 up lead pfft, I managed to claw him back for the luckiest win of all time on WGT.....!

    Quality my friend, can`t wait for out next fun outing!!


  • topaz53
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    Mon, Aug 9 2021 9:26 PM

    Three great rounds played yesterday.

    Well done Miljan and Thomas.

    What can i say Jerry ,a real diamond geezer and as Brian said a true sporting gent but then i know Brian is too.Amazing to see that you did it all over again after an unfortunate disconnection in your first match,hats off to you both.

    Chris and Billy ,Chris you deserved every thing you got and i know Pete would have been proud of me LOL. Great fun in twitch and a cracker of a game to watch. Billy started on fire but i think one too many beers slowly extinguished the flames and gave you the win Chris hahahaha

     I wish to say a big thank you to all you guys for taking part in this amazing tournament in the memory of Pete.

    It couldn't happen with out you.



  • topaz53
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    Mon, Aug 9 2021 10:22 PM

    Bracket Updated

    Round 3 - 10th-16th Aug.

    Golden Bracket - Kiawah

    Crystal Bracket - Best of Famous 

    Interesting match ups for some in Crystal Bracket ,history repeating itself lol

    Good Luck guys and have fun.



  • carlosdev
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    Wed, Aug 11 2021 5:46 AM


    Today playing the semi final of Golden bracket on Kia.

    Carlosdev vs Dzonwejin at 6 PM UK

    Live stream "Click here"


    - Varun 

  • carlosdev
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    Wed, Aug 11 2021 8:31 PM

    Mil and I played the semi final.

    It was a great match. Mil was on super fire. heartbeat after heartbeat. Couldn't do anything. There was a moment when he became 4 up lol so imagine the fight i had to put up with.

    Having said that, i knew it was the time to make a big move and i tried and made it to 2 down.

    Game progressed, hole 17, nothing less than a bird and hit the 3 wood and bazooooka.. Hit the rough. Game over

    Mil won 2 up. A well deserved win. It was a great experience playing with you Mil. You are an amazing top player. Very well done and best of luck in the final. 

    So my run in this Pfarden Memorial tournament is over. I will be looking forward to watch the finals in both brackets. Thanks everyone who tuned in twitch to support us both.

    Lastly, an amazing tournament run by you Marie. Very well done. I enjoyed it and sure everyone is enjoying it too. Nothing but a great blast.

    Thanks very much

    - Varun 

  • topaz53
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    Wed, Aug 11 2021 10:36 PM

    Well played Varun and Miljan ,great semi final to watch.

    You both deserved to be there ,two great players going up against each other,could have gone either way.

    Congratulations Miljan on reaching the final.

    Thank you Varun ,couldn't have done with out you .