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2021 Andyson Memorial Signup and qualifier

Sat, Aug 21 2021 8:33 AM (191 replies)
  • amateur4sure
    2,091 Posts
    Tue, Jul 20 2021 12:13 PM


    Keep Bumping this Post gang and tell Your friends about it..!

  • mrcaddie
    2,429 Posts
    Tue, Jul 20 2021 9:00 PM

    Somebody tell Wayne it's time to play again!

    I play all the time Jim... just not on here, I play IRL. Nice try though. : )

    Hey, someone should make a golf ball marker to commemorate the event. Oh wait...I already have an idea. Stay tuned.

    Bill, thanks for carrying on the tradition.


  • chookie15
    33 Posts
    Tue, Jul 20 2021 9:49 PM

    Hi, I am not sure if I am doing this correctly or not..  Am I allowed to join in  for both games, please??

  • twinponds169
    2,646 Posts
    Wed, Jul 21 2021 11:07 AM

    I play all the time Jim... just not on here, I play IRL. Nice try though. : )

    Really awesome to hear from you MC, means you are alive and well. That's been hard to know or decipher through pandemania and all. Good news there my friend!

    I still play a lot in real life too, it just hasn't helped my game one iota, too stubborn to learn or practice, just get out there and whack it. Still living my fantasy golf life through WGT, lol, although the new format resembles my real life putting skills nowadays as well.  :-)

    Still have and use all my Andyson ball markers while I'm out there, my mouse is still sitting on my Andyson mousepad while playing WGT, and my beer can stays cold right here in my Andyson coozie. All great memories of the better days of WGT.

    Don't be like me, keep em on the fairway pal!

  • pdb1
    22,500 Posts
    Wed, Jul 21 2021 1:43 PM


      Hello Wayne . Didn't think you would miss this . So GR8 to see you .

      Enjoy .


  • conveyorguy
    734 Posts
    Wed, Jul 21 2021 3:57 PM
    Chookie15 would like to play match and stroke, having a hard time trying to figure out how lol. I'll see she gets her qualifying round in. God help me with this please....
  • Next260
    2,064 Posts
    Wed, Jul 21 2021 5:16 PM

    When do we start?

  • opyeuclid
    6,523 Posts
    Wed, Jul 21 2021 5:28 PM

    Stay tuned.

    I might not play to post a score but please count me in for what is needed .


  • Leggoman13
    7,207 Posts
    Wed, Jul 21 2021 6:22 PM

    MrCaddie and Opy in the same thread, on the same page, within the same 24 hrs period.

    What are the odds. been a long time 

    I always knew from my 1st day on WGT 

    that Wayne and Opy were twins.    :o)

    Even though they deny it.

  • bader76
    591 Posts
    Thu, Jul 22 2021 12:38 PM


    When do we start?

    Looks like the start will be on the 1st August