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* It's Money Time *

Fri, Jul 5 2024 12:22 AM (48 replies)
  • carlosdev
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    Wed, Jun 23 2021 8:44 PM

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    Welcome to                                   * It's Money Time *


    Today we are happy to introduce "It's Money Time" to the public in an official capacity. We know its little late to the party on forum, but here we are. We have already done 4 editions and Iam sure some of you know about this already.

    However without wasting any time, I would like to give a brief description of how this works.

    * This will be 18 holes skins challenge format.

    * Will be Invitational only (Some big sharks and friends on the way)

    * We have 3 slots comprising of 100 Cr/hole, 250 Cr/hole and 400 Cr/hole.

    * It will be 4 legged unlimited fun with friends. 

    * And finally, everyone have to join the dedicated server of "IMT" and will be on discord call during the game time and oh yes, you can't skip this part.

    Here are the posters and twitch links of previous editions:

    * IMT Game Edition 1 *

    Twitch Links - "Irishking1916 - Simovoice"

    * IMT Game Edition 2 *

    Twitch Link - "Irishking1916"

    * IMT Game Edition 3 *

    Twitch Links - "Irishking1916 - Simovoice"

    * IMT Game Edition 4 *

    Twitch Links "Simovoice - Irishking1916"

    Here after, once we have a game day and time fixed, will update with the poster and twitch links. Those who are interested and have free time, can join us on Twitch. Iam sure we will try our best to entertain you while entertaining ourselves.

    Ooooo by the way, Simo has his Italian tricks and King has his Alexa ;) ;) Anything and everything can go wrong :D :D 

    Lastly, we are only here for some giggles.

    Peace & Love

    - It's Money Time

  • simovoice
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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 12:10 AM

    Well, if you want to see some italian tricks, as the "producer" of the event called them, you can watch the videos of the previous editions here:

    You will hear about italian cooking, meet my wife, yes, my wife too lol, and see me dancing. What all this have to do with the game? Well the answer is simple: I tried everything to win some skins and I won't stop to use them, lol.

    On a serious side, the goal with this kind of events is to mix game skills with fun, not always easy, but possible imho.   

    So be sure not to miss the next event, there might be new surprises... stay tuned and pop in to say hi during the stream!!!!

    P.S.: tyvm to our "producer" Varun for the great effort he's putting in these events, not only for the love of us, but for all the WGT community :)

  • masonvilla
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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 12:16 AM

    "Great Company,great standard and Great Laugh"   If skins is your bag and you enjoy more importantly a good laugh then come and play - Its Money Time - get In touch with Varun (Carlosdev) and he will do the rest. Discord Server is 100% respectful and you will get to have a blast with some of the most respected people on the game..... 


  • kelsp
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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 12:26 AM

    This is a fun event made special as it's played by people who love the Craic(as the Irish say). 

    The Skins aspect brings the tension and the antics of the people who mind wining or losing but never lose sight of the fact that it is game played among mates.

    It hurts to lose but not that much :)

    Simo's dance after he wins skins will forever make me laugh/giggle. 

    Varun, the MVP(Producer) makes all this happen, Kudos to him 👍👍👍


  • topaz53
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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 1:02 AM

    What a fun event this has turned out to be .

    Four guys playing for sheer enjoyment of the game and also very entertaining at the same.

    And two players  that seem to be regulars, one Italian, dancer extraordinaire with tricks and an Irish man who must have kissed the Blarney stone more than once.

    Good luck to all who get a chance to be part of this new event.

    Hats off and thanks to Varun for the work he has put into this and shown how WGT should be played and may it continue.



  • giraldin
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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 4:36 AM

    Hello everyone, those present and those who are yet to arrive. I'm envious ........... lol. But it is healthy envy, not knowing how to maintain a conversation spoken in English means that I cannot participate in these events, but I can assure you that the question is not to earn credits, no, the question is to have fun, after all, at least for me , the credits are to give them away, and what better than to do it with friends?

    I hope and wish that there are many wgt players who come here to play, and that so we can get to know each other more all in games that are for fun and not to compete ............ But if you win it's better, lol


  • bader76
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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 6:39 AM

    I watched last weeks skins game where i was backing KP all the way and now would be interested in joining in a game if you have room for a small one, message me Carlos, you know where to find me. 


  • amateur4sure
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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 7:13 AM

    Varun bro would love to join but I will need to win some credits first to be able to play even the lowest amount lol but if I get them I would love to be in.


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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 9:50 AM

    Yesssssssssss ITSSSSSS MONEY TIME!!!!

    This is an action packed event full of frolics and laughter and mad dancing italians and indians that win all the credits and have no guilt about it

    i got into this not knowing i would be the sponsor of the event lol, outstanding suckering by all involved, and now that i am hooked on the Craic of it all, one cannot leave!!

    You should watch, unless you don't like fun, then there is no help for you

     I have been telling all you guys for years that Carlosdev is a meglomaniac wanting the rule the world, and this is his first step and he is running it immensely astoundingly .... he is LeProducer!!  

    Alexa joins in, the cheeky *** lol

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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 11:49 AM

    If enjoy watching WGT with robot players with no emotions, don't watch this!!!

    You have top players just having fun with a player who has no idea about skins (hi Karl).

    Watch KK go nuts when the game crashes & he can't return........bye bye credits lol. Luckily he has that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!!!!

    Watch Simo preening himself over his handsomeness while drooling over food (no wonder his stomach is so big).........he must have something to keep that beautiful wife of his!!!!!!

    KP just does what Mr. Cool does.......wait for the children to make a mistake then fill his pockets lol.

    Recently all that changed when the efficiency of the Germans got involved....Simon took the credits.....the boys threw the toys out of the pram!!

    But no matter who is playing, just watch friends old & new enjoying this game that most of us love to hate.........but like most addictions there is good & & taste the good!!