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Mon, Jan 24 2022 4:06 PM (116 replies)
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    Tue, Jun 22 2021 2:52 AM


    Hi Ken

    Its not that some of us do not want to talk its  just that with a 45 second clock timer I'm  busy trying to organise my shot and I'm really sorry if that causes offense to anyone. Maybe a 60 second shot timer on the showdowns  would open the doors to more chatting

    Oh I certantly understand, and I possibly could have said that better. I don't hold it against anyone for not being a chatty cathy. However I think a hello have a nice game is approperate, and there is ample time for that on the first tee. As I said there are many good/nice folks, the ones that can't even be bothered to say a simple hello are the ones I don't understand. Possibly a sign of our times.

    I grew up in the city and as a young teenager had an oportunity to spend some time at my grandfathers farm. On one of our first trips to the feed store we passed some folks walking on the side of the road.  They waved at us and my grandfather waved back and said hey (as much as one can say hey at 55 mph). I asked who was that and his reply was "I don't know, just some folks being freindly". At the time I was shocked as I had never heard of waving at strangers. You never know what kind of day someone is having and something as simple as a wave can have an impact. 

    sportsmanship: conduct (such as fairness, respect for one's opponent, and graciousness in winning or losing) becoming to one participating in a sport.


  • sexysuzie
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    Wed, Jun 23 2021 11:15 AM

    the 45 second timer excuse is a cop out   you can converse when its your opponents shot....

  • Mythanatos
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    Wed, Jun 23 2021 1:36 PM


    the 45 second timer excuse is a cop out   you can converse when its your opponents shot....

    they could but why should they have to?

    Maybe they aren't chatty. 

    Maybe like myself they are sitting in a cigar bar and chatting with the people around them while they play.

    Maybe they are dealing with spouse and kids chat or activities or issues.

    myself i'll often give a greeting if they give one first. but after that I'm silent unless it's someone i play alot and know a bit more.

    to get mad because someone won't answer you is rather narcissistic.

    if it helps... i rarely even look at the name of the person I'm playing. I've been known to look at it at the end of the game and realize it's a friend.

    nothing wrong with not being chatty.

  • rjteeithi
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    Sun, Jun 27 2021 12:59 PM


    I am here because I like golf, I like the game, and It is fun. I also love the camaraderie, and the many friends I have made around the world.

    A cheater only cheats themselves of that oportunity. (recon they have fun cheating? )

    Have played a few coin room games, and like everywhere else there some nice folks, as well as a few I don't care to mention.

    I don't understand those that won't or don't chat, as well as those who forfeit when down.

    Don't care to even try to understand, as I really don't care to know them. 

    Simple answer here, When playing single hole coin matches, and you have your sponsor working, the goal is to play as many games as you can in time allowed. and when you lose you get very small apparel points, so when you know your going to lose, you will give the game up and get to the next one asap. As far as chat goes? no real time for that either. gotta go


  • BigBlockVettes
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    Wed, Jun 30 2021 8:20 AM

    I enjoy the game play them all, I don't worry about cheats noting I could do if I knew one was cheating. I enjoy playing mostly with members in my club I know want quit. As far as chat I could care less one way or another I just want to play. If I really feel the need to talk and play golf I will go down to my real CC and see  the guys lol. This is just A game some like to chat some don't some don't like to type and again who cares I am just here to play. At the end of the day to each there on I understand some people just don't come here to talk they just want to play. As far as quitters well there here there going to be here end of story. That's why I prefer to play with people I know.

  • CaverNolema
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    Mon, Jul 5 2021 7:44 PM

     Yes, quitters ate here to stay, and its my biggest complaint with the game. 

    I played 5 H2H coming games tonight and had 3 opponents quit while the outcome was still in question. Yes, I was in better position to win, but not for sure. 


    1st (1 hole) - I hit tee shot into fairway on dogleg hole (Wolf Creek). Opponent tried similar shot, but landed OB. Instant quit.

    2nd (1 hole) - opponent hit 1st in side bunker. Their *** hit slope and rolled back off front of green.  Opponent quit before my shot. I may have done the same thing, or worse.


    3rd (3 holes) - approach to 3rd hole.....opponent hit a little long, and right onto fringe.

    I only had 60 yards to pin, so opponent quit before I hit my shot. 

    I had a 1 stroke lead, but it wasn't over  


    I hate quitters. Has any idy ever discussed penalties for quitters?

  • tramilleo
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    Tue, Jul 6 2021 12:51 PM

    But you won the coins, why care if they quit??? the purpose is to win you won quit complaining about winning sheesh

  • Mythanatos
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    Tue, Jul 6 2021 1:56 PM

    I hate quitters. Has any idy ever discussed penalties for quitters?


    Why do you have a problem with them conceding the match to you? you aren't hurt in any way. your match is over quicker and you can move on to the next one. more coins per unit time for you.


    The opponent can move on to the next match that much quicker and possibly get in another apparel round or two by being time efficient.


    I get it. you're upset.