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Golf ball defaults

Sun, Jun 13 2021 8:28 PM (4 replies)
  • DanimalSports65
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    Mon, Jun 7 2021 8:50 AM

    We should be able to use other owned golf balls if we lose/run out of the ball we start with in the middle of a round, rather than defaulting to the starter ball. Why can't the game either default to a higher rated golf ball in the bag, or let us rank our golf balls within the bag so if one runs out we can use our next prefered, and on down the line?

    The lack of spin control on the starter ball screwed me out of saving a decent round out of a bad start. I know it's another money grab - spend more credits to save your round. But that kind of thinking is BS for those of us who've already bought product. We should be able to use it mid round instead of being forced to backstep our game.

  • HackWilson1930
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    Tue, Jun 8 2021 8:04 AM

     This subject has been discussed  ad nauseam. The basic reason is that WGT can do what it wants and the underlying premise is that it is the same as the  one-ball rule used in  PGA. tournaments.

    Start a PGA tournament round with a particular brand and model of ball and that is the only one a player can use that round. Run out or switch during the round and the player is DQ'd. (Sidebar: Players can carry different balls during a PGA round but the CANNOT use any ball other that the starting brand and model. That is why you see players showing each other the ball they are using before a round starts.)

    Out of fairness WGT has incorporated the same rule with the exception that a round may be finished with the generic ball.


  • alosso
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    Tue, Jun 8 2021 8:44 AM

    I see another, more mundane reason behind it.

    The "bag" has only room for one type of balls. WGT wants to follow the Rules of Golf which state that no club may be exchanged during a round (except for reasons that don't apply here). Therefore, the bag is locked during games by some software code - no access to the inventory. The ball "pocket" is one collateral damage here, as access is locked with the clubs.

    In addition, I consider the inventory to be "in my garage" - out of reach.

    Some have voted for a beer cart with a beer cart girl to patrol the courses - she might have other balls with her, at exorbitant prices!

    Alas, no beer cart girl... :-(

  • BPeterson8256
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    Sun, Jun 13 2021 12:40 PM

    An example of the rule that you must use the same ball for the entire round...

  • Dave33200
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    Sun, Jun 13 2021 8:28 PM

    I want a beer cart. Them money hungry folks at WGT just think about profit. ­čśŐ