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A Comfortable Club is capping membership at 65

Wed, May 5 2021 9:15 PM (2 replies)
  • BogeyOne
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    Wed, May 5 2021 5:26 PM

    That is big enough.There are 64 members now and just one more will be accepted. It could be you.

    Looking for a country club without drama, cliques, or attitude? After that free putter pal and shot pal? Want to play when and how you want to play without any pressure to jump through country club hoops? Then A Comfortable Club was made for you. With 33 Masters or higher (11 of which are Legends or above) and several members beyond level 100, you are sure to find plenty of advice and help should you want it. There are always lots of club tournaments including some that are tier specific.

    We are a relaxed country club and have grown steadily. Some members joined because they wanted a change from their old club while others were pleased to see that membership requests were not rejected solely based on a low tier. We offer an active Discord channel full of videos and pictures submitted by members and a general chat room filled with truths, lies, and observations on important and not so important matters. Participation in Turf Wars and Clashes is optional.

    If an applicant is a lower tier, like amateur or pro, then their equipment is examined in an effort to see something other than starter equipment. If an applicant has invested in better equipment, that shows a dedication and devotion to the game. What we want are members willing to stay in and contribute to the club. Join and be happy!

    Our country club website:

  • BirdieMatt0
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    Wed, May 5 2021 8:49 PM

    Just sent my request! I’m an active player and would love to join an active club

  • BogeyOne
    1,635 Posts
    Wed, May 5 2021 9:15 PM