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VUSO Torrey Pines Qualifier

Wed, Jun 30 2021 4:35 PM (85 replies)
  • BPeterson8256
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    Sun, May 2 2021 9:37 AM

    I know it is early, but (out of boredom today) thought it would be fun to start speculation on the cutline. We are just over 1 day into the tournament with almost 60 days left to qualify. 

    As of now, it takes a 61 (-11) just to be on the first 5 pages of the leaderboard.

    The cutline is at 59 (-13), but I think that is unlikely to hold for another 24 hours.

    My initial thoughts after my first time playing it was that 56 would be good and possibly 57 might make it. Today as I look at the scores, I don't think 57 has much of a chance. I think 55 is solid in, and 56 is probable.

    Anyone else have a guess?

    Any other trivia you want to discuss about this course?

  • Tabarnak777
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    Sun, May 2 2021 1:30 PM




    So yeah more or less your own predictions.

  • sammey1
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    Sun, May 2 2021 3:07 PM

    -16 qualified last year on the best of US Open course. That's with all the flash players in it. This course is easier, so hard to say. 55 is in for sure, but 56 could make it.

  • AnaNikolaj
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    Sun, May 2 2021 5:17 PM

    My guess is 56 makes the cut. 

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    Sun, May 2 2021 8:13 PM

    I think 56 is dangerous to sit on (Unless in the first 5-8 with 56 on the board) ...Easy course  should be tougher after qualifier and the winds pick up ....

  • mingos01
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    Mon, May 3 2021 5:38 AM looks an easy course...i bet the cutline will be 54.

    No my did my only one try...67 F9 (-6)..B9 (+1)..if i play...and play and play....probably i get 61 or Luck e1!!!!


  • BPeterson8256
    2,834 Posts
    Mon, May 3 2021 7:13 AM


     ...Easy course 

    I wish it was easy for me. 😂🤣 My putting really struggles on this course, and getting close with mid to long irons has always been the weakest part of my game.

    SHOUT OUT to 1irony! Darrin posted a 51!    AMAZING!!!

    I personally think that course record will stand until the end of the VUSO and for awhile after. Unlike many courses, to shoot that score on this course requires perfect play, getting lucky with a couple of the winds, and still making something special happen. 

    It only took 48 hours for the cutline to drop to 58. The 60s will be off the first 5 pages within the next couple hours. 

    100 players earned their Diamond (57) in the first two days of play. The cutline will most likely drop to 57 by the end of today or tomorrow. 

    51 players are at 56 or better. 

  • TopShelf2010
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    Mon, May 3 2021 7:33 AM

    SHOUT OUT to 1irony! Darrin posted a 51!    AMAZING!!!

    Out FN standing Darrin !!!



  • Tabarnak777
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    Mon, May 3 2021 3:54 PM

    One good way to help yourself is to find the wind direction on the first hole that will determine the best overall wind directions for the rest of the course.

    I guess that some of you already know this information, but still an important one for high level unlimited round(s) tourneys.

    For example, best Pebble Beach wind set up is to have a back wind on the first tee at around 1 o'clock. Then the rest of the course will have a majority of back winds for long holes and front wind for short holes, which is clearly the best, with easy reachable par 5s.

    Another example, if i remember well, Merion is like 2 o'clock wind on first tee, and so on.

    Each course has this ''signature''.

  • AnaNikolaj
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    Mon, May 3 2021 4:40 PM


    I think 56 is dangerous to sit on (Unless in the first 5-8 with 56 on the board) ..


    You do know that if the cut is 56, everyone with that score goes through, right? The quallifier is top 156 and ties...