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Fri, Apr 16 2021 10:06 PM (0 replies)
  • GAC4151
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    Fri, Apr 16 2021 10:06 PM

    A little over a year ago, WGT announced that it was dropping Flash and was going to make the change of PC to be comparable with the mobile platform. Well, that happened, although there were many growing pains. The final version was to be completed and ready by the first of the year, 3 months ago.


    Well here we are in the middle of April and a lot of changes have taken place, and not for the better. On the mobile side, they still do no have the ability to play in formats like Match, Skins, Alt Shot, and Multi-Player (more than 2). Other changes that haven’t taken place yet on the mobile side is the more advanced set up of matches (including shot clock).


    Other changes that have effected both Mobile and PC is the loss is the loss of courses (Cabo and Whistler) along with other formats such as Best of putting.


    I don’t know if a representative of WGT will see this post but hopefully they will. I just have one question, are the changes that I have mention, are they being worked on, and if so, which ones are they and when might we see these changes take place. Thank You