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Bought ‘2 hour rental’ club by mistake.

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Wed, Apr 7 2021 3:01 AM (4 replies)
  • YouLostToALoser
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    Fri, Apr 2 2021 5:25 PM

    I levelled up to 92 after 177 days and got the usual options of clubs to rent for free for 2 hours. I took the Max 3 Wood as I have never had that ‘brand’ before and so thought give it a go. I would have preferred a wedge as I am looking for one but I didn’t have the option.

    I played ‘best of par 5’,with it to use it as much as possible, and didn’t like it, especially compared to my L86 Callaway (which is more expensive). I put my Callaway back in my bag after that round with over an hour left on the free rental.

    A day later, I was playing a 1 hole match, in the free sponsored 30 mins, and after got the usual pop up asking if I wanted to ‘buy and equip’ the Max 3 wood.

    I had played at least 10 games with this message before, but on this occasion, somehow pressed ‘yes’. I don’t know if I was rushing or on of my other fingers pressed it going for the ‘no’ button as I use my index finger almost exclusively and missed a putt or two that way.

    However I did it, it was an honest mistake. But an expensive one. I got to Legend so need longer clubs and am saving for the L96 Driver and L97 irons which will set me back over 8000cr just to stay still.

    Then I need good balls to compete and so want a healthy balance to keep it sustainable. I’m using the free ones atm to save, sort of delayed gratification.

    I can’t afford to lose over 1000cr especially for such a silly mistake, and with no verification on buying the club, I feel is unfair.

    Anybody got any suggestions? I’ve contacted the helpline with an explanation, but forgot to tell them I haven’t used the club nor equipped it in my bag.

    Looking at other threads, all I have found in same circumstances have been refunded, but I haven’t heard back yet and it’s been nearly 2 days.

    This will hinder me quite substantially as instead of a new upgraded wedge I need, I will have to sell the 3 wood at a huge loss having gotten zero value out of it, literally. It’s like I just want to exchange clubs, that I bought the wrong one, is a way of looking at it.

    I appreciate any help on this as I have formulated a plan, set aside resources (time and money) to implement it so I can compete in the Tournements with a decent chance.

    Ps WGT have been pretty good so far, but I can’t help but worry as I’ve put so much time and effort into my game.


  • bossbird
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    Sun, Apr 4 2021 2:29 PM

    WGT customer services will be the only ones to resolve this , I suggest persevering with emails to them 

  • Tabarnak777
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    Sun, Apr 4 2021 4:49 PM

    Can take a couple of days before they responding. With Easter week-end going on it might be a little longer than usual.

    I suggest to add these specifications you mentionned that you didnt tell right away into a separate post asap.

  • Robert1893
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    Sun, Apr 4 2021 5:37 PM

    Looking at other threads, all I have found in same circumstances have been refunded, but I haven’t heard back yet and it’s been nearly 2 days.

    It's the weekend. I'm sure they'll take care of it. Just give them a couple of days. While it's clearly something that's important, it's really not all that time sensitive. 

  • YouLostToALoser
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    Wed, Apr 7 2021 3:01 AM

    Thanks for all your contributions.

    I was just sweating a bit more than I would have normally due to the timing, right before Easter. 

    Anyway, I got my club reimbursed for the full credits I paid for it.

    Can’t find, as yet, any emails or messages that verify this, but in my account, it has the reimbursement.

    So, a long anxious wait but all’s well that ends well I guess.

    Now for the next problem of not getting coins for aperel points in sponsored matches. Just had 24 points to a maxed out item but not the 4800 coins.

    Had this issue before, and they gave me 100,000 credits, after a couple months of this happening, starting with 1 item, then 2 now up to 5 items.

    I’m 6 months into playing, (day 180, I think, on my daily spin bonus this morning) so I haven’t built up a huge coin balance. I have gone to playing just sponsored matches for the aperel then when I get to 96/7, with the balls and new clubs I intend to get, I’ll have quite high sponsored levelled aperel. It’s just a case of upgrading them, which costs a lot.

    I have all the brands 5 common items at at least L6 upgraded, and then every other item, rare and epic, about half upgraded to L4 (some have more upgrades but my thinking is that’s the lowest for the Set Bonus. Same with the common, I have many L8, but not upgraded as it woke 150,000 coins per item, but they’re there for the future secure).

    My plan is when I do get the new clubs for distance off back tees, to be in a lower division, like Ikm in platinum ll just playing sponsored 500cr 900win matches. It’s not risky and should get a good chunk of the items points wise in the 4-6 months I estimate to get there.

    But a good coin start would be good to win lower divisions, or at least top 3, to play higher rooms, so not getting all these maxed out coins 200 a point, will mount up over that time.

    Sorry for being a pain but anyone know the ins and outs of the coin room rules?

    ps Thanks again for the reassurances and advice. It made for a slightly better Easter (let’s not get carried away, it’s a game, but one I play everyday and have a short, middle and long term strategy to try to be a Champion one day, and compete with the best and hold my own.