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West is the Best Needs 14 More Club Members

Mon, May 3 2021 8:19 PM (12 replies)
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  • Knuckwood
    379 Posts
    Wed, Apr 28 2021 5:35 PM

    If I could share what I know about running a Club very well, all I have to say is that the members inspire me to do a good job.

    We have 20 members (4 short of 24), and 2 of them are in the Top 200 Earnings at WGT. Top 200. 10% of our Club is Top 200 Earnings. It sounds like I am blowing my horn, but all I am doing is showing you what the WGT game looks like to me, today.

    Check the Top 200 PGA players, and how many play in your local Golf Club, is an easy way to measure how proud I am in our Club.

    A Champion started talking to me today, about joining, and I gave him a condition: he must do everything he can to become the 3rd member in our Club to be in the Top 200.

    We play Clash 2 days every 2 weeks, so he/she can go to battle against the world for the other 12 days. Sure, we can help in tournaments by setting up practice tourneys, but I want to be clear about training Pros and Tour Pros, Masters and Tour Masters, not messing with slow greens so everybody is playing hard tees, and speedo greens. Time to do some WGT immersion. Best help I can give them.

    If you believe me, join us, I will prove it to you that you were right to join, we can do it together. Please, just have fun. And I, like most, hate missing an easy putt, too.


  • Knuckwood
    379 Posts
    Sun, May 2 2021 10:00 PM

    Things are looking up! Still a few short but enough to set up a Brackets to see how many we can bring together. And, of course, nothing better but to have Set of the Week with our best high test Custom courses. Breaking Par is not easy. LOL

    More good news was that we made Top 50 for last 2 Clashes. We managed this with 21 members, and did that in 3 months. Lots of dedication, and 3 members have produced 1M XP in same 3 months. We will be a Level 9 Club this week sometime.

    More good news: 2 of our members are Top 200 Earnings YTD in WGT. Sweet! It is rubbing into the Club, we are gearing up to train all members that skills are needed in 12+ greens, heavy winds and hard tees! Nothing like jumping in two feet first, into the fire. Amazing how all of our game is improving together.

    So, many members with thousands of ranked rounds and lots of Club experience are saying that that they have never had so much fun in a Club. I think it helps not to have any Directors, and you just come along for the ride!

    Getting fussy. Could use help from the best. Shake your usual problems, and just play golf, and win a bit, with a touch of class.

    Walk in, the door is wide open. Don't expect to change my ways, but I will listen and use any great ideas you have to improve the Club. Become our 3rd top earner is an easy way to describe what we will be up to for the next bit.



  • RobHon
    24 Posts
    Mon, May 3 2021 8:19 PM

    The club is going VERY well so far.

    Some awesome (free to enter) tournaments, great custom courses and experienced members willing to share tips with the rest of us. I've learned things that would have taken years to figure out this way (if I'd ever have learned them at all). And a great owner who genuinely cares about everyone in the club and goes out of his way to make it the best place on WGT.

    Everyone is getting better. We are jumping up the clash leaderboards, hard to beat in turf wars (although we aren't going to try for 1 billion coins in a TW any time soon, lol) and keep adding quality members to the group. And some of our members add XP like there's no tomorrow. 15% of the members have added over 1 million XP each in 3 months!! I've only got a few more than that in a year! That means the club will whizz through the levels quickly. Level 9 will happen this week and that's only 3 months in.

    We would love a few more quality players. This club will appeal to anyone who likes to play daily without any hassles. You won't be forced to play TW, clash or anything else like at other clubs. We would LOVE you to play those when you can but there's no pressure here. If you love to play daily, just have fun as part of a real team and just contribute in any way you will love it here. There's something for everyone.

    Come take a look, 


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