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The old Brackets

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Sat, Mar 27 2021 2:53 PM (1 replies)
  • BigTrap
    29 Posts
    Sat, Mar 27 2021 11:17 AM

    Is there a way to play the old free brackets where if you won you advanced to the next round? Or do they only have pay to play? Also my mouse problem is that it wont stop moving when I click so my shots are all over! I have tried a new mouse and even a wireless and nothing works!  I definitely miss the old game! Any advice is appreciated.

  • AnaNikolaj
    288 Posts
    Sat, Mar 27 2021 2:53 PM

    There are tons of free entry brackets without entry fees, along with the pay to play ones, in the same place they always wrre.... Tournaments, brackets, stroke play (on the launcher). Or simply enter from this web site..... Tournaments, brackets.