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OCGL Country Club + Team Speak Ladder League Invite

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Mon, Mar 29 2021 7:21 AM (4 replies)
  • MichaelR
    235 Posts
    Sun, Mar 7 2021 6:20 AM


    I'm the owner of the OCGL CC that is connected to a Ladder League, one of only a few in WGT. We are looking for active members that want to play in the Turf Wars and CC Clashes as well as tournaments within our CC and join the ladder league we support. We have about 40 members but all are very active. Our members are from the US, Canada, the UK and Africa. The Ladder is set up so when you win you go up the ladder. There are no quitters, no cost, and we play using Team-speak so we talk to each other while playing. As a result we are able to develop great friendships with people that have the same interest, which is Golf. The ladder will average about 75 games a day but we only ask members to play a couple of times a week on the ladder. The OCGL CC has weekly POM (Player Of the Month) tournaments using a handicap system to make it more competitive for all players. There are  prizes given out to 1st 2nd and 3rd place for the POM. We also are getting stronger in the Turf Wars and CC Clash as well because a lot of players on WGT enjoy playing them (we recently finished 101st). The ladder league that we hope you will also get involved with, has nightly tourneys and Major tourneys 4 times per year with a lot of prizes. If you're interested please go to and see “getting started” and “Click here” in the third paragraph from the bottom to contact the Admin. for the ladder or contact me for an invite to our club.


    MichaelR (Mike Ryan)

  • cussinjack
    62 Posts
    Sun, Mar 7 2021 9:58 PM

    Thanks Mike for picking up the Torch of our long time CC.  Good Luck in your endeavors to increase the awareness to others of our FINE Country Club.  We are all behind you.

  • Thurman15
    25 Posts
    Mon, Mar 8 2021 3:23 PM

    Great idea for the Player of the Month series of tournaments Michael. Will be watching your Country Club go up through the clash rungs and turf wars.

  • Stormw2012
    15 Posts
    Mon, Mar 22 2021 4:19 PM

    We're making good headway Mike. We've been workin our way up nicely and gettin closer to top 100 in the clashes. We made an all time high in the Turf Wars Trophies so congrats to all your efforts!


  • KevinWinters
    418 Posts
    Mon, Mar 29 2021 7:21 AM

    Our March player of the month race is coming to a close this week, but I just wanted to say that I think we had a pretty successful first month. As of yesterday morning, we have 21 members that posted points and 10 members that played more than 10 rounds. I think these numbers will continue to get better over time. Good job everyone!