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Player Suggestion List - Check here before posting new

Mon, Nov 30 2009 4:04 PM (0 replies)
  • WGTalex
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    Mon, Nov 30 2009 4:04 PM

    Hi everyone, thanks for all the suggestions and ideas you contribute. We read these forums every day, and we wanted to acknowledge the common features and improvements our players have asked for.

    We get many duplicate requests, so be sure to check this list before adding a new suggestion.

    We cannot guarantee that every item on this list will be built; rather, this is our way of letting you know that we've heard you, and we are discussing these suggestions. Depending on our priorities, these features may be added to our roadmap, or not at all. The list is in no particular order. If a suggestion becomes a released product feature, we will move it to the bottom under "Done".

    For the official (public) list of features coming up in future releases, please check out this post:


    Requested by players

    •     Driving range & putting green
    •     Smoother swing meter
    •     Spectator mode
    •     Reputation tracking
    •     Left-handed play
    •     Shot shaping
    •     Stance control
    •     Player rankings/more stats & leaderboards
    •     Lobby to chat and find players
    •     Ability to swap out Irons for other clubs
    •     Play with lie effects
    •     New tier above legend
    •     More Wedges
    •     Putting Challenge
    •     More detailed ratings on the proshop pages to describe equipment
    •     Avatars for more countries
    •     Indicate in the lobby when a player is blocked by you
    •     New ranking system
    •     Callaway Clubs
    •     A pony

    Completed and in the game:

    •     Disable spin from chipping on the green
    •     Nike Clubs
    •     Balls to slow down the meter
    •     Block Player
    •     New courses
    •     Concede putt/hole in match play
    •     Saving replays in multiplayer modes
    •     More outfits for avatars
    •     Ability to reconnect to multiplayer games
    •     More sound effects
    •     Multiplayer closest-to-the-hole games
    •     Shorter timers in multiplayer games
    •     See competitor's equipment/stats before tee-off
    •     Different pin placements
    •     Gifting
    •     Color-coded player status
    •     Reply to invitations/decline reason