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unwanted comments

Sun, Mar 19 2023 7:29 PM (45 replies)
  • ct690911
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    Sun, Jul 3 2022 5:31 AM


      Although I routinely use quotation marks to separate someone's words from my own, I'm often guilty of not naming the quoted. Just laziness most of the time.

    Your point is valid, my friend.


  • LeftyMcGee7
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    Sun, Jul 3 2022 7:49 AM


    Quotation marks :-)

    Yessir. We use em a lil different from the "King's English" after we won our Independence (Happy 4th Y'all!)

    No offense M8. Quote came to mind and I wanted to add to avoid plagiarism.

    See? A!! totally new material there! 



  • LeftyMcGee7
    449 Posts
    Sun, Jul 3 2022 7:53 AM


    Without biting midges, we wouldn’t have chocolate:.

    Cocoa plants are pollinated by them..

    I continue to bite midges .

    For the greater good of chocolate. .


    __________ midges! & __________ chocolate! Blimey!! Lol


  • Squatch031
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    Fri, Mar 17 2023 3:54 PM

    I recently played an AS game and while waiting, the creator of the game told the one girl in the foursome that she had to leave.  She asked "why" and he said he doesn't play with women.  She actually left. Not sure if she reported him or not.