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"Game Ended Without a Winner" Error

Wed, Nov 3 2021 5:57 PM (36 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Mon, Apr 26 2021 5:45 PM


    In answering this you may be correct in that wgt pcea version does not allow a player to exit wgt and re-enter the game. This was easily done in flash as I even exited wgt and changed browsers and re-entered into the same game.

         a. Sometimes when a player exits it Will display player reconnecting and allows 45 seconds for reconnect. I have exited by closing out wgt in an alt game, reconnected in the time frame allowed, and the game resumed. 

    So, obviously the programmers did not program correctly for this option in the new version. Which means it is a problem on wgt side and they need to fix it if they can.

    Just my 2 cents.

      I too remember reconnecting , changing browsers , in every mode or format in Flash .

      This mobile platform derivative does not seem to be nearly as multi function capable as the Flash version was .

      There are so many functions missing . After 10 years of research and development . It doesn't just seem like a matter of time . Before they get close to what we were accustomed to ..

      That must have been obvious in the duration . Making the explanation of staying with this platform . Likely a monetary one . Not willing to allocate funds to replace Flash with a superior product .

    .edit : no reply prompt on post .

    I had to do the same here .

    I had copy and paste your post and edit in the quote code .



  • pdb1
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    Tue, Apr 27 2021 12:10 AM

      Okay . Well I stand corrected . Tonight . In an alt shot round . All of a sudden the screen said " PAUSED FOR RECONNECTING " .

      Then it went to the " WAITING FOR PLAYER TO RECONNECT

     .Everyone had to wait through my 90 second load time AGAIN . But they did . And we were playing again . .

      And we finished the round .

      So alt shot does use the reconnect format . This is the first time I witnessed it in PCEA .

    edit : turns out . my P had froze . He initiated the reconnect ..

  • pdb1
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    Tue, Apr 27 2021 12:12 AM

    edit :

      Once again I am stunned at the moderators lack of moderating abilities . One of the jobs of any moderator . In any forum . Would be to moderate and control and eliminate double postings .

      Whether they be accidental or deliberate .. That is such a basic . And so obvious .

      Here in these forums . If you are not moderated . There is a window of about 3 to 5 minutes . In which the poster has the ability to delete the double post . Or even a single post .

       If one misses that window . One then can write and ask the moderator to delete the post that the poster wants deleted .

      That doesn't even happen here .   I have no idea why . I have been confused about this and other mysteries for 10 years .

      If one is moderated like myself . It is bewildering to open up a thread to see your post has posted . Along with a duplicate that you did not even know you posted .

      But that is what moderators are for . To catch things like that . Duh !

      In my position . Having proven for years that I am not a risk or threat in anyway .

      That I do not post profanity . I do not disrespect others . I do not make political or religious comments or opinions .

      No violations of the T of C . Do not break forum etiquette .

      That even if I did anything that they did not like ( like this post ) . That my status as a moderated user could be ended . And I could be banned at any moment .

      Knowing that . Knowing I am at their mercy . What is the point of moderation at all ?

      No point . I am walking on thin ice with baseball cleats on Moderated or not .

      Moderating someone like me has negative effects on the whole picture .

      For one . It often throws off the timeline in threads . Effecting the regular users often . Therefore involving them in a useless punishment .

      Moderating a high volume poster like myself . Puts unwanted and unneeded work and time taken away from the important moderation needed from the moderators .

      It would make more sense to not moderate me . If I screw up . Deal with it . Take appropriate actions .

      It is not as though they have to monitor me . To stop me from creating some sort of anarchy .

      I'm just saying .




  • pdb1
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    Sun, May 2 2021 6:29 PM

      This just happened again just now . My loads were getting longer as the day went on . This load was probably 2 minutes . 

      Once again . One of the Gold team just couldn't wait . When I got to the tee . " THE GAME ENDED WITHOUT A WINNER ." 

      Except that we did win : Without playing 1 hole . Below is that game . Which I would rather play than have this kind of win .

    02 May

    pdb1 and Rico1959 defeated raychef13 and Hointar in a 9-hole Alternate Shot game on WGT BEST OF FAMOUS HOLES.
      I do feel bad that my load is so sufferingly long . But it is the only delay . If they could wait a few more seconds . We could play .
  • pdb1
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    Thu, May 6 2021 6:39 PM

      Here is another

    "Game Ended Without a Winner"

      Again my P and I won . Without playing 1 hole . When I got to the tee . There was this screen :

      Then all I had to do was open my browser . Look on my wall . To see that we won . All that means is one of the other team ( Gold Team ) . Wasn't patient enough to wait .

    06 May
    pdb1 and jf2604 defeated MLKBeat and Trouble005 in a 9-hole Alternate Shot game on KIAWAH ISLAND: THE OCEAN COURSE.
      This doesn't happen every time . Most players are patient . Or at least they will wait .
  • Dharla
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    Tue, Jun 1 2021 8:14 AM


  • padles
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    Wed, Nov 3 2021 5:57 PM

    I thought I had figured out the problem.  I figured a losing player would allow  the time for a shot to time out twice and be disqualified.  I decided to test the system out in a match in which my team was leading, but that error message did not pop up...About 20 minutes ago it happened to the for the second game in a row with the second time being tied.  WGT's explanation sounds plausible, except it makes no sense for the game to have no winner.  If that was the case the quitter's team should be forfeiting the game.  The facts are that WGT are experts at making excuses for game flaws being the players' fault.  This is because if they accepted otherwise. they would have to fix it.  After all they are in the business to  make money and to fix errors would cost money.  The best example is their built-in program they have installed under the false guise of making the game more realistic.  In real life golf when a ball  is struck correctly while taking into consideration of wind direction and speed as well as aimed correctly will the ball land out-of-bounds or in the water.  Obviously, that function was designed to make money by enticing players to buy replacement balls. Of course, they deny this as expected because of the greed for money. I know this because I have contacted WGT with this accusation.  Sure they also try to counter this claim by saying players can always choose to use the free starter inferior ball. That also is a "crock