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Fri, Jun 4 2021 12:32 PM (2 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Fri, Jan 22 2021 10:16 AM

      With Casey's new induction into the HOF . I was reminded of the 19th Hole Awards . It occurred to me that these are also very worthy awards that not everyone may know about . Although not knowing all of these players . I know enough of them to know they are all in good company .

      Here is what my research came up with . In an effort to pay tribute to these GR8's .

    Honor, Dignity and Respect

    They Call Him "The Streak"

    Lover of Beer, Futbol and Virtual Gear

    The Hard Hitter!

    His Name is Yancy

    The World Traveler

    The One Million Dollar XP Man

    Mrs. Amazing!


      I heard mention of these 3 players that may have received this honor as well . But in my research I came up with no 19th Hole Awards . If someone could direct me to them . I will add them . I think Wayne just received honorable mention . Which he deserved and more .

    Thank you to PaulTron, PatriciaWilliams, opyeuclid, alcaucin, Lobsterboy, SHRUDE, mrcaddie and ALL the "Santas" involved with the "12 Days" over the years, we love the reminder to share the love!

    mrcaddie’s 12 Days of Christmas started Sunday, so be sure to check the "And Everything Else" section of the Forum to join the fun and hopefully be chosen by one of these generous “Santas.” This thread is a great place to start!


    Happy Holidays from WGT!

      To see the full 19th Hole Bio's of these players . ( on 1 page ) Go to:


      Other related links

  • pdb1
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    Sun, Mar 28 2021 6:09 PM

      Probably bad timing . The first time around . I will continue to make efforts to recognize and pay tribute to various WGTers . Before they are long forgotten .

      I have done this in many ways . Nobody else is taking the time to do it .

      This is another one .

  • pdb1
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    Fri, Jun 4 2021 12:32 PM