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Wolf Creek hole 17

Sun, Jun 6 2021 4:13 PM (12 replies)
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  • MojosMojo
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    Wed, Apr 21 2021 10:45 AM


    It's ball and club related in regards to spin. 

    It matters as to how much spin you normally use.

    so pay just a little attention to someone else's yardage numbers on specific holes.


    here is your tip tho:

    Take notes. Just like in this case you came up short. it didn't make sense. 

    Back pin plays long. The front pin plays long but not as much as the back pin.

    as to specific numbers. dial it in.

    Make a note to yourself or in game something like "back pin +5 if 145+ yards away +3 if less" Im not saying that[s the note. but do something like that.

    there are multiple holes in the game that don't play as listed yardages.

    CTTH's about 1/5 are off by enough to be worthy to make notes on. 


    take notes.

    Good stuff!

    Having played so much, I have many “mental notes” that just pop up in my mind for each situation as I ponder the play. However, every now and then, it doesn’t pop into my head until the exact time I make contact with the ball. Then it all comes flooding back like a relived nightmare, as I am creating a new one simultaneously. Very frustrating! 

    Bought the notebook that just came out on mobile a little while back and started note taking. The next thing I had to learn was to REFER to note book. That took some time, as well. Now I am starting to get the habit ingrained to just take a glance and it saves me at least a few times during a day I am playing a lot. 

    Great advice you are giving, well done! 

  • Tabarnak777
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    Fri, Apr 23 2021 4:22 PM


    True, this hole is kind of off range from normal state. Peable Beach hole #8 does the same, especially when you put lot of back spin with full or almost full power.


    But it's not the case of all 190+ yards with some downhill shots. Some holes are unique, like these 2 holes.

    Well i found that cams on some holes are off range. And this hole is one of them. If you want to figure the best view i suggest to get the putter view from the hole to get a better line up.

    On some holes, cams are so terrible that they can change a real 5 o'clock wind into a fake 4 o'clock, for example. And it's a huge difference, especially in big winds.

    That's why it seems always short. Cams tend to lie and tell you a weaker wind than it is  supposed to be.

    Kiawa is the worse course about it. Fortunately his winds are naturally low.

  • SeveFrost
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    Sun, Jun 6 2021 4:13 PM

    like the 9th on Pebble Beach, the approach plays pretty much to the yardage

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