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Sat, Jun 19 2021 2:18 PM (1,057 replies)
  • TdotDoba
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    Fri, Apr 16 2021 7:46 PM

    Well done all, the final 2 matches are set to be played on Saturday,


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    Sat, Apr 17 2021 1:04 AM





  • Jmugsy1
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    Sat, Apr 17 2021 12:05 PM

    Final match between Fairway Fanatics 1 and The Penalty Box 1

    Group 4

    Round 1

    Match 2

    Tie 2

    116 Pekk 24 WON         156 avenger97 LOST

    Win for Fairway Fanatics 1 on the 18th hole

  • Jmugsy1
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    Sat, Apr 17 2021 12:07 PM

    Final result between Fairway Fanatics 1 and The Penalty Box 1

    World Cup Group 4 Match 2

    Fairway Fanatics 1.  Round 1 vs The Penalty Box 1

    Tie 1  107 TomCarioca WON                157 SwanginBD LOST

    Tie 2  116 Pekk24 WON                       156 avenger97 LOST

    Tie 3   110 Cynic13 TIE                        154 Scottymojo TIE

    Tie 4   109 Yzermn  LOST                    152 WhirlawayNow WON

    Tie 5   106 Jmugsy1  WON                  155 GraceyGirl LOST

    Tie 6   114 TDHarvey LOST                 158 DGolfere WON

    Tie 7   108 Wouwsie LOST                  131 ECC370 WON

    Tie 8   113 Marcob300 TIE                   153 HoleLion TIE

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    Sat, Apr 17 2021 2:56 PM

    The SEL  World cup 2021


    Hello all



    Well I won’t go too much this round as all team/players just starting the cup off so early days, maybe I will add a few things as we get into the later rounds.


    Glad to see we hit 100% rate finish in all games, thanks captains/players for getting the job done, a few little hiccups but we got there.



    Right here we go


    Round 2



    18April – 2nd May


    18 Holes Strokeplay


    Kiawah island The Ocean Course


    Considered one of Dye's most superb designs, The Ocean Course offers a natural links-style environment with water hazards coming into play on at least 16 of 18 holes. Ten holes are directly on the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean, while the remaining eight are routed through the surrounding dunes and marshes.


    Any player with a + 2 by their name must add 2 strokes to their final score







    Each match will be played to a win, draw lose no sudden death 18 holes,

    Each match will have a 2 week timeline to complete

    Any players refusing to play will forfeit their match,

    Any matches not completed on time will be looked at by me and dotty and a decision made on the result depending on evidence supplied,


    Once a match been played the result will stand so it’s up to all players to check the opponents tier before start of play,


    I would suggest a 90sec shot clock with maximum timeouts, there’s no panic to get the game played and have a chat in-between,

    if both players agree they can have 60 or 45 that would be their choice,


    No focus boosts will be allowed during matches. Use of this tool will lead to a disqualification


    Any team members giving advice on any shots/putts to another player on any chat forum and found out, the player and the adviser will be disqualified from the rest of the comp.


    Players please when posting results, I would like group number, teams and players please and a short post of the match,


    Let’s keep the forum busy but no negative comments from anyone, if you have problem contact your captain first and they will contact the other captain, I don’t really want to be involved unless I have to.





    All claims for these prizes must be placed on the ctth thread on the first page of the community organised forum only, none will count placed on the main World Cup thread.


    Don’t forget please the ctth special prizes which will run throughout the comp



    Round 2

    18t April-2nd May

    Kaiwah Island




















    2nd - 2nd shot on green










    2 sleeves

    ECC370 27FT

    longest putt over 20 feet over whole comp

    Longest Chip/Pitch shot whole comp

    longest holed approach shot over 150yds







    Stay safe and play well all



  • golfx3
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    Sat, Apr 17 2021 5:48 PM

    Group 4, Match 3:  golfx3 (#48) vs. JimCruz (#97). golfx3 won 1 up.

    What a fun and close match. JimCruz played great. I think we were both -19 thru 17 holes and I barley scraped through and won the last hole to win 1 up. Pleasure playing with you Jim!

  • TdotDoba
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    Sat, Apr 17 2021 10:59 PM

    As a congrats/thanks to all the games being completed in round 1.

    I will post the match ups to the next round, you can all have access to them a bit early.

    Good luck in the 2nd round all.

    Be safe, Be well, Be kind to yourselves and others,


  • wleiss
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    Sun, Apr 18 2021 10:26 AM

                             Group# 1   Round #2   Match# 4

                          Aphrodeltas         v     Bushwackers

    Tie#6     #279 JohnHancock  L  v   W  #380 wleiss


    Had a good time playing against John. We managed to get together kind of spur of the moment but we both played as though we were prepared. As you can see from the scorecard it was very close until the 14th. I hit some in tight and John had some real tough putts from a little further out that didn't go in. Thanks for the game John. It was very nice to meet you.


  • KILLER52
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    Sun, Apr 18 2021 7:08 PM

    Group 1

    Round 2

    Match 4

    Killer52 (#280) vs. Marvelous523 (#388)

    Twas one of those days better spent in bed.  lol.  Meeting my opponent, Marv, was easily the highlight of the round.  What a great dude from the General Detroit area.  We covered the entire gamut of retirement, kids, virtual golf and life in general.

    The high point of our game was easily:

    1)  Marv

    2). Marv

    3). Marv

    I remained within striking distance until 15 when for some weird reason, my club decided to whack the freaking white orb 90 degrees right - right into the ocean.  But we had fun and 'talked' until my fingers wore out.  lol.  Anyways, super-shooting by Marv and I congratulate him.

    Marv - 62

    Killer52 - 68  (boy it's tough to put that number 

  • wleiss
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    Mon, Apr 19 2021 7:02 AM

    Is it OK that we played already? I have a teammate that was told by his opponent that their match couldn't be played until April 21. I think he meant that he was told that according to the rules of the tourney the matches couldn't be played until then.