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Wed, Jan 12 2022 5:48 PM (1,728 replies)
  • giraldin
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    Sat, Sep 11 2021 4:26 AM

    Thanks to all those who have participated. Congratulations Bandidos.

    And above all: Many, many, many thanks to those who have made it possible with their time and effort to make this event the best international WGT tournament.

    Hats off to you, thank you Paul, thank you Dotty


  • odl75
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    Sat, Sep 11 2021 5:53 AM

    congrats TCC . we made it !  WORLD CHAMPIONS !

    that was a really killa final , all matches were very close.

    SEL was a hard opponent ,very strong players and real sportmens and gentelmens.

    a nice gang this SEL's ;)

    unfortunaly i forgot to log in the alt match vs SEL,and teams are full,,boooo. 

    maybe next year in da final ? ;)

    i enjoyed every game ,and i cant wait for next WC .

    thx  to ouer team and all other TCC members who support us.

    ohh forgot ,tx Boss ;)

    and tx to Paul and Dotty , a great job you make.

    cya all on next WC


    cheers Rob

  • TdotDoba
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    Sat, Sep 11 2021 6:06 AM

    As I may not be around tomorrow after finny's game, I will post this early, after all I couldn't make you wait for a couple of days :)


    The 2021 World Cup Presentation

    Another World Cup is in the books and I hope it's been a fun season, I think we have had some great battles and some spectacular tight matches on twitch... great entertainment from all the players, thanks to all who twitched.

    It sure was a very exciting finish with the SEL ThunderChickens fighting every inch of the way, firstly against their own club mates in the 1/4 finals and then taking on Cobra Kai in the semi's. It seemed like almost every game went down to the 18th or extra holes, SEL carried this onto the finals

    TCC Bandits showed their class and skill in the finals, a lot of games came right down to the last few holes and sudden death, TCC jumped off to a 2 game lead early, timely wins by SEL brought it even again, then SEL went up 3-2, and the Bandits got a real wake up call and responed with 3 wins in a row, with the game that sealed the deal going to the 20th hole. This was truly a series that could have gone either way. A great WC battle!

    Please put your hands together for The 2021 World Cup Champions TCC Bandits....Vigorous golf clap and bow of respect! Well done!




    The Plate saw Cosa Nostra back to defend their 2020 Plate win, last year they blew through the competition and won all 9 games.... 

    This year they were up against Golfos Panellets and they where having none of it....  The entire CC behind them and using the power of the smoke, they were unbeatable, as Luis Enrique keeps reminding me that he told me that at the beginning of the round lol (cheers my brother).

    Here is a quote from Borat the Captain of Cosa Nostra: "A True Gentleman,Top Man,like all of the Golfos,You guys really outplayed us in the Final and once again,Congratulations Fellas you fully deserve this win, CLASS"

    I have to agree, all the games were played in great spirit and brotherhood, I'm very proud of both teams for a fun Plate final. The Golfos have made their mark and I'm sure they are now huddled in their very smokey clubhouse, planning on how to take the Cup & Plate for next year... Woo Hoo!

    Please put your hands together for The 2021 World Cup Plate Champions Golfos Panellets, vigorous golf clap and bow of respect! Well done! Vamooooos Golfossss!



    I would like to thank every player who took part in a match, either in the group stages or the knockout stages, I hope you at least have made a couple of new friends and have had some fun and banter along the way. I want to thank all the captains for their endless work and problem solving to make this competition move along smoothly.  Captains it was a real pleasure to work with you again this year!

    A special thanks to the Captains who helped me review the tough calls and gave me their wisdom and insight. (you know who you are)

    Many thanks to all the sponsors for their generosity. Your giving adds a whole other fun level to this competition.

    I want to thank the team: 

    Finny who's vision to create a tournament to bring together players that may never otherwise have had a chance to meet, have fun and go for a spin, has lived up to all expectations and more again this year. And for his dedication and hard work to make that happen. Thank you Paul and congrats for finally getting to play in the final, a great moment for all of us to see, you earned it buddy.

    Nigel (Wutpa) Thanks again for your hard work and dedication year after year on how we present this tournament. And thank you for all the hours it took to make the presentation so very slick. Folks it is a lot of work! 

    Johhny (Wigertoods2010) for designing the trophies again this year, your work and classy trophy's are much appreciated... great graphics Johnny, they really are the cherry on top... woo hoo!

    Once again it has been a blast and a privilege to organize and help bring this tournament to the great WGT community.

    I hope you all found some fun in this years addition, They're always rough spots, but I hope that all involved can see beyond those rough spots to what this competition is about and found some joy in your playing it.. 

    I leave you with the mission statement of the World Cup:

    "The World Cup was created by Paul Finn, he did this so that players of all rank and skill can play together and make some new friends... to get together and just have fun.... we ask that teams leave the "win at all cost attitude" at the door, because this in not what this is about and to treat each other with kindness, respect and just have fun."

    Hope you all had a blast.... be well, be safe, be kind. (thanks Hik)


    With Warm Affection and Respect,



  • xxDannyxxo
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    Sat, Sep 11 2021 6:52 AM

    Super tournament & congrats TCC a great final as were all rounds

    & thankyou Finny/dotty & everyone else involved with setting this up & updating sheets etc..


  • ajarkovi
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    Sat, Sep 11 2021 6:57 AM

    Congratulations to TCC (Bandits).  and to all who took part and were taken apart :)

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    Sat, Sep 11 2021 7:12 AM


    Dear friends, finny, nigel, jhonny... and of course my twin brother of unknown mothers...the great and incombustible DOTTY.

    From this humble club of Golfos, we thank you for all that you have achieved, for us, in these last 2 years.

    Last year, as you could see, we were rock and roll, we went for it all and we were up against the titans in the first round for the gold cup ... these great players, knew how to put our feet on the ground very quickly and we learned the lesson.

    This year, our strategy has changed, 2 teams = much more smoke ... and our main goal was to get that great silver plate ... and so I made my brother dotty see at the beginning of this great championship ... and so, with great joy for all members of this club and many of our friends ... we got it.

    Congratulations also to the TRANSGRESSIONAL COUNTRY CLUB, for being the best this year and thus, take the great gold cup... well deserved and encourage them to play a kind of supercup against the golfos of silver.

    And now ... to go making way, you know, that in the next edition of this great tournament, we will defend this silver plate, tooth and nail, but ... we will also try to get the gold cup, .. this means that we promise much more fun, more show with more twitch channels .. and of course, much, much, much smoke.

    I would also like to contribute an idea for this next event ... a team formed only by club presidents ... so you all could give a review to your respective ... 

    I repeat again, thanks, respect, admiration and a lot of love, to all those who, in some way, have made this championship once again, a success.


    luis enrique.


    oooeeeeeee oe oe oe ooooooeeeeeeeee..... vaaamoamoos gooolfooooooos




  • Trinbagoboy
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    Sat, Sep 11 2021 10:32 AM

    Congratulations on your win my friends see you again next year

    Robert aka Trinbagoboy

  • IAG12
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    Sat, Sep 11 2021 10:36 AM

    Final match on the Plate Final:

    Tie 7
    317 IAG12 wins bigcountry317 364

    Excellent game and sportsmanship from Aaron. 

    I just want to use this post to thank everyone that has made possible this great competition, and to all the participants.

    Also wanted to congratulate Cosa Nostra for reaching the Plate final for second straight year, it has been a great final, were we found our way up to the victory.

    Thanks everyone, it has been my first ever participation on the World Cup, and pretty excited for the next one.


  • Trinbagoboy
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    Sat, Sep 11 2021 10:40 AM

    Congratulations on your win TCC Bandits and a huge thank you to all the organisation committee for once again hosting and running a great competition.

    I love playing in the WC and once again have made many new friends along the way plus I actually broke my duck this year and won a game ha ha after  4 years of trying .

    A special shout out to the SEL Thunderchickens for their fantastic achievement of reaching the finals.

    Robert aka Trinbagoboy

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    Sat, Sep 11 2021 11:12 AM

    " Congratulations " TCC Bandits 

    Also congratulations to Finny and Dotty and all involved in keeping the tables info up to date and in keeping the pace of the competition flowing. That in itself is almost as big an achievement as TCC winning it:)

    Sure was a challenge for all Captains to try and pick the right teams and line ups especially in  50/50 matches as well as sorting out problems within their squad of players regarding game fixtures.

    Huge success for WGT. Maybe they will take some notes and see what numbers  do turn up for club encounters that mean something:>)  

    Well done Finny

    Well done TCC Bandits

    Well done Dotty.