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Wed, Sep 29 2021 10:22 AM (1,726 replies)
  • WigerToods2010
    8,084 Posts
    Sun, Jul 25 2021 1:09 AM

    Balls sent to Kansasplater, Dotty.

    Cheers folks.


    25 Jul
    WigerToods2010 sent the Titleist Pro V1 Vapor Balls (L42+) as a gift.
  • Yiannis1970
    2,517 Posts
    Sun, Jul 25 2021 1:38 AM

    Gift sent to PaulBurtner.


    Great show from both of you guys!!! I enjoyed the replay so much!! Congrats to both!!

  • forrrrrrrr
    393 Posts
    Sun, Jul 25 2021 1:38 AM

    SEL Thunderchickens  v  The Founders Club A

    Tie #3  forrrrrrrr  (wins)  v  alkoholikk

    Cheers for the game Adam :-)

  • TdotDoba
    2,044 Posts
    Sun, Jul 25 2021 3:05 AM



    Hi All,

    Tom Carioca from Fairway Fanatics has generously offered to put up a sleeve in a random draw for the almost 400 players in this years World Cup.

    Tom has come up with a great way to do it called the "Wheel of Names", he has meticulously entered all the names and will do a live twitch give-a-way 


    The Draw has been done, I will list the winners names beside the name of your sponsor who will send the balls.

    I also want to thank all the very generous folk that stepped up and offered a sleeve. In the end we had 15 sleeves in total to give-a-way... so a big Woo Hoo to you all.

    I want to thank all the folk who stuck it out in twitch through the technical difficulties and still had fun... woo hoo 

    I want to send a big thanks to Tom for all you did to come up with this great idea and then figure out how to make it happen :)

    This is what finny meant when he started this, come together as a community, have fun and meet all the great folk here on WGT.

    Cheers all and be kind to yourselves,



     Tom = 1 sleeve to  SpectaularG

     Billd1994/TdotDoba = 1 Sleeve to Killer52 SENT

     Wutpa = 1 sleeve to Larris66

     Ken = 1 sleeve to PecanValley

     JD Ghost = 1 sleeve to CricketCrampton SENT

     Yannis1970  = 1 sleeve to PaulBurtner SENT

      Borat = 1 sleeve to Canuck1056

      Captain Freedom (MrShaneStaly) = 1 sleeve to TBA

     Freedom Club (MrShaneStaly) = 1 sleeve  SHALEO83

     CousinZeke1 = 1 sleeve to ECC370

     Steve58300 Cobra Kia = 1 sleeve to MarshallMatlock

     WigerToods2010 = 1 sleeve to KansasPlater SENT

     Steve (Wildcoast) = 1 sleeve to LingLing18 SENT

     Killer52 = 1 sleeve to Aliesen

     Doylerc = 1 sleeve to CarlosDev


    Thanks again to the 15 sponsors above.... All class




  • SpectaularG
    30 Posts
    Sun, Jul 25 2021 4:08 AM

    Cobra Kai 1 V The Penalty Box 2

    Cup Bracket

    Tie 2 - 49 DeanBarr vs carter8292 168 

    DeanBarr wins

    Tie 3 - 57 Blaisalex vs catatonklefty 169

    Blaisalex wins

    Tie 3 - 50 Boyet10659 vs mudbug59 167

    Boyet10659 wins

    Tie 5 - 48 golfx3 vs Nativa1 176

    golfx3 wins

    1 more match to go this afternoon and I'll try my hardest.

    Great event and a huge thanks to all who made it happen. Also to the generous sponsors!!!!

    Really looking forward to the next one.


  • TdotDoba
    2,044 Posts
    Sun, Jul 25 2021 4:27 AM


    I seem to have ruffled a few feathers by putting 'pointless' in inverted commas - this is how I have heard it referred to.

    Many thanks to the organisers for a wonderful event.


    I'll let my captain report any future results.

    I am going to say, time for a pin in this everyone... any further comments, please do it in a private message to each other.

    All suggestions are welcome and will be reviewed, please send them via pm or email to finny or dotty (PaulFinn52 or TdotDoba)

    Cheers all,


  • JackMack
    122 Posts
    Sun, Jul 25 2021 7:03 AM

    SEL Hotshots vs. Alphadites

    Priestess wins 4 and 2 over JackMack

    Tier 9, player 256: Priestess

    Tier 9, player 87: JackMack

  • akatiger74
    3,386 Posts
    Sun, Jul 25 2021 8:44 AM
    5 Jul
    akatiger74 Bushwackers defeated wagaganon FairwayFanatics3 in a 18 hole match play game on ROYAL ST GEORGE'S 1up
    Very close game which was won on the 18th.
  • Stuman66
    225 Posts
    Sun, Jul 25 2021 10:20 AM

    Match 5, SEL Thunderchickens vs Founders Club A

    Tie #6, Stuman66 wins 2 &1 over plumbology

    We both holed out wedge shots for eagle. Mine happened to be on 17 for a win. Fun match Jack!

  • KillzOnHorseback
    605 Posts
    Sun, Jul 25 2021 10:55 AM

    Sleeve of Titleist 87 sent to PecanValley,..Enjoy