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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 2:12 AM


    Grp 2, Rd 6

    Tgkomv wins 3 Up against scullsie

    I was 3 up after 13 and then the game paused to reconnect. Jeff didn't make it back in time so I set up a back 9. We agreed that he would concede the first 3 holes and then we would halve the 4th. He conceded the first two, but could not concede the third. I putted on the tee, thinking he could concede. He hit his normal drive and then told me he could not concede, after I putted on the tee a second time. He was on the green in two and then putted out for eagle, messing up our calculation. Now I was only 1 Up and so he had to give me the next two holes. It was unfortunate that things went this way, but we continued normal play after I was 3 Up. Otherwise it was an exciting match with him making 3 eagles to my one and his chipping in a birdie on hole 8 from the back of the green on a very slippery green. 

    Why couldn't you both just hit the green then cc a putt. I can't understand why you stayed on the tee with putter. Irish and Ro did it the green way with no issues.

  • Yiannis1970
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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 2:26 AM

    Probably because both they didn't know, you can concede the hole only twice and no more during the game. Tom probably thought it was some kind of glitch that didn't permit to scullsie ccing the third stroke.

  • Tgkomv
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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 2:36 AM

    Yiannis is correct. I did not know you can concede a hole only twice. It was not like that in the Flash version. The other alternative was to hit the green and then ask Jeff to concede my putt. In any case, I was next to the flagstick on my 4th shot for an easy par. All Jeff had to do was to 4 putt and not go for the eagle putt. I suggested that he do that before he putted for eagle.

  • TdotDoba
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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 5:42 AM

    Yiannis is correct. I did not know you can concede a hole only twice. It was not like that in the Flash version.

    On both the flash version and the new version, any player can only concede twice....  Also, when this happened, you should have restarted and done it right... the way it was done, Tgkomv got the advantage by being 3up and one less hole to play... 

    The Rule states this:


    If a player disconnects and the game times out before they get back, the game will restart after the last completed hole with the same score. How you get back to the hole to restart is up to both players to agree on.

    Once both players have agreed and the game is completed after any discos, then there can be no complaints, the result will stand.

    A match cannot be claimed a win through disconnections, players have to finish the match.

    I have left out the examples as they are not pertinent for this.

    Also, you could have just said after you got back to the 14th, ok even if the score says only 2up, that I'm 3up and play accordingly and restarted from the proper hole (14)... you could just keep the proper score in your heads or written it down....

    What I'm getting at, and this is for everyone, you have to pick up the game from the last completed hole in the match... if you feel the scorecard has to be right and you feel that keeping it in your head or on paper is not going to work... then go back and get it right. Otherwise there will be an unfair advantage for someone.

    If your opponent complains about this, you may have to go back and pick it up from the right spot and complete the game, I don't think it will change the outcome as you won 3up. But that would be his right.

    I hope this sheds a bit more light on the disconnections and what to do.

    Cheers all and thanks for putting your hearts into this competition.


  • amateur4sure
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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 6:58 AM

    Group D Match 3  Fairway Fanatics 1  V Bill`s Band

    113 Morcob300 V amateur4sure 94  - Marco wins 1 up

    What a cracking game I had against Marco, He came out of the blocks like a Race Horse and I found Myself 3 Down after 5 or 6 Holes, I managed to stop the leak over the next few holes and found Myself Pulling it back to A/S over the next 4 holes...

    I managed to take the lead not sure which hole but Marco quickly got the back.

    It was a great Match and I always fancied Marco to do something special, That happened on hole 16 from 80 yards out, Bugger lol, Superb shot to go back 1 up.

    We shared 17 with Birds after Marco narrowly lipped out for the Match.

    18th Marco hit one into the rough on left bank of the green, I managed to get a Heartbeat to 10ft. Marco played a beauty to within inches leaving me the putt for the Half...

    I missed the bladdy thing lol grrr

    Superb game, Fun and the Twitch crowd had a laugh but another putt that will haunt Me.

    Marco deserved winner on his performance throughout the Match, Well done Buddy.

    Can`t wait for our next outing.

    Best of look in the coming Rounds..


  • mrshanestaley
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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 10:13 AM

    Update for Freedom GC vs. Penalty Box 2

    Group 3 Round 6

    Results in bold & italics need added:


    1 171 TL 0 amadeus2015 W v L bahacker 0 C 440
    2 168 C 0 carter8292 L v W KRLKDAVE 0 TL 442
    3 169 C 0 catatonklefty v Toddy808 0 TL 446
    4 170 L 2 Fankiko L v W mrshanestaley -2 0 TL 444
    5 167 TC 0 mudbug59 L v W Dwightco633 0 L+ 447
    6 178 L+ 0 IVYCALDWELL1978 L v W eagledare 0 TC 436
    7 177 L+ 0 Shady1965 W v L MikieZMan 0 TL 443
    8 166 TL 0 SpectaularG W v L buffalogolfer72 0 C 439
  • mrshanestaley
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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 10:23 AM

    Had a fun round with Pedro this morning! Neither of us played great but we still enjoyed it!

    I ended up taking the win 4up on 15 but that doesnt reflect how close this game really was. WGT wouldn't allow Pedro to buy a putt at any cost, which is unbelievable right! I can recall 3 at minimum that just grazed the edge of the cup without falling in. Very good effort sir! As I told him in the match, Pedro will be Tour Legend in no time flat! TYVM for the game mate!


    Group 3 Round 6

    #444 MrShaneStaley wins 4up v. #170 Fankiko

  • javito1
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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 1:20 PM
    GROUP 4: ROUND 6 June 22, 2021  javito1 defeated guguis in a 18 hole match play game on WOLF CREEK GOLF CLUB. JAVITO
  • Mercury1969
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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 1:20 PM

    Group2, round 6,

    Mercury1969 vs. Naughtybinature ended in an AS.

    Thx for playing Jill, great fun, wish u all the best in the rest of your matches.



  • Nicozandberg
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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 1:25 PM

    Round 6  - Group 3 - Match 2 - Tie 3

    NicoZandberg beats Cuser44

    Best thing for me about this competition is the great people you meet. Another fun and friendly game against Cuser44  (Dom) tonight. 

    He played very well on the front 9 and we turned All Square. Luck was on my side on the back though and we finished the game on the 15th 4&3.

    Best of luck to you in the rest of the tournament mate.