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Wed, Jan 12 2022 5:48 PM (1,728 replies)
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    Wed, Jun 23 2021 2:29 PM

    Tound 6 match 3 tie 1 

    Gregmartin25 v KenBTexas

    KenB wins on 17

    A good close match all the way.

     I needed to give 2 shots and in all the excitement I forgot till #7. I did give one there (#7) and again on 10 as I should have.

    not more than one hole in it till the end.

    some wonderfull shots and a few good putts.

    Thanks Greg good game.


  • Jmugsy1
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    Wed, Jun 23 2021 3:59 PM

    Results so far between Fairway Fanatics 1 and Bill's Band

    World Cup Group 4 Round 6 Match 3

    Fairway Fanatics 1. vs Bill's Band


    Tie 1  114 TDHarvey LOST         v          104 Ajarkovi WON

    Tie 3  113 Marcob300 WON       v           94 amateur4sure LOST

    Tie 5  108 Wouwsie LOST          v          91 Bluey403 WON

    Tie 6  106  JMugsy1 WON          v          101 Debrug LOST

    Tie 7  111 Slickbarnes LOST       v           99 PaulBurtner WON

  • WildCoast
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    Wed, Jun 23 2021 4:02 PM

    Results so far between Fairway Fanatics 2 and SEL Hotshots

    World Cup Group 1 Round 6 Match 3

    Fairway Fanatics 2 vs SEL Hotshots

    Tie 1.   124  GregMartin         Lost        77     KenBTexas        Won

    Tie 3.  121  WildCoast.           Won.       78.   xxDannyxxo.       Lost

    Tie 6    130  SamwiseLUFC   Won        85     lookoutbunker    Lost

    Tie 7    127 JimMckeaveney   Draw       85    twofallsteve        Draw

    Tie 8.  129. NeetMr.                Won.       79.   ibprime.              Lost

  • KillzOnHorseback
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    Wed, Jun 23 2021 6:25 PM

    Sel Fairway Warriors vs Fairways Fanatics 3

    Group 2

    Rd 6

    Tie # 5

    #62 Killzonhorseback beats #147 davidgrant 7&5

    Got to meet up with David tonight, great guy was a pleasure to play a rd with him, we had the game spinning issue on the tee #9 and got disconnected but me managed to get it back to where we needed and finish the rd..

    Thx for the game David and GL to you and your team the rest of the way...


  • jacktrade51
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    Wed, Jun 23 2021 6:32 PM


    Group 1 - Round 6 - Match 4 - Tie #5

    243 jbboon WINS 2&1 vs 421 jacktrade51

    I waited to let the winner report first but hear are my comments.

    It was a very well played match.  The short version is jbboon putted better and didn't miss 1 under 10 feet the entire match.  In 17 holes, he 1-putted 12 times and sank a pitch on #8 from off the green for a birdie.

    We both had 2 eagles, I had 9 birdies, he had 11.  Not a bogey in the match.  The finish was on #17 when I eagled when I was down 2, and he covered it.  He earned the win.

    We compromised on time, which comes up occasionally.  I am an evening US player and he is a morning UK player, so we compromised at 5 PM BST.  It was a fun game (except for me losing).



  • xdout
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    Wed, Jun 23 2021 7:11 PM

    group 1 (coolrunnings) Xdout vs (alphrodeltas) Canuck

    Xdout wins 4 and 2

  • bigcountry317
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    Wed, Jun 23 2021 7:29 PM

    Group 2 Round 6 Match 1 Tie 1

    Cosa Nostra vs The Penalty Box

    bigcountry317 wins vs pancharello6504

    Mike is a good competitor and good company, played beautifully from tee to green but just couldn't catch a break at all with the putter. Best of luck moving forward, Mike, hope to catch up with ya again sometime!

  • Borat74
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    Wed, Jun 23 2021 11:38 PM

    Group 2    Round 6

    Cosa Nostra    v     Penalty Box 3

    Tie 4   371  Gilly2017         Beat   190 Marcelofvha

    Tie 5   373  Percycat       Lost to  181 SPROGGER

    Tie 1   364  Bigcountry317  Beat   183 Poncharello6504

    Tie 8   362  Wesdogg75     Beat     185 PedroAlotoball

    Tie 3   370  HPurey          Tied       186 Listowel2018

    5 Matches completed so far

  • PortsD
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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 12:47 AM

    Not sure if the result was posted but just to be sure

    Group 2 - Round 6 - Match 2 - Tie #5

    #264 PortsD vs #20 Kelsp WINS 2UP

    Close game that went down the last - I made a quick start and was 2UP after the first 3 but KP pulled it back to AS by the 10th.

    I sneaked 11 and we traded eagles down 12 & 13 to get myself back to 1 UP. KP promptly birdied 14 to level us up.

    My approach then hit the pin and stayed out on 16 (both birdied) and KP landed a great eagle down the 17th to get ahead - Another eagle down the last from KP secured the win 2UP.



  • Tgkomv
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    Thu, Jun 24 2021 1:08 AM

    Grp 2, Rd 6

    Tgkomv wins 3 Up against scullsie

    I was 3 up after 13 and then the game paused to reconnect. Jeff didn't make it back in time so I set up a back 9. We agreed that he would concede the first 3 holes and then we would halve the 4th. He conceded the first two, but could not concede the third. I putted on the tee, thinking he could concede. He hit his normal drive and then told me he could not concede, after I putted on the tee a second time. He was on the green in two and then putted out for eagle, messing up our calculation. Now I was only 1 Up and so he had to give me the next two holes. It was unfortunate that things went this way, but we continued normal play after I was 3 Up. Otherwise it was an exciting match with him making 3 eagles to my one and his chipping in a birdie on hole 8 from the back of the green on a very slippery green.