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The CEverett "2021" Alt-Shot World Challenge

Sat, Apr 10 2021 6:51 AM (376 replies)
  • birchi
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    Fri, Mar 5 2021 8:17 AM

    sunguramdogo/birchi vs aliesen/storm8338 tonight at 9pm CET/3pm EST on my Twitch channel

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    Fri, Mar 5 2021 7:43 PM

    JDGHOST & mihtymouse79 squeaked out a 1 up win over   gusbencai/SPAULDINGSMAILS3

    Was a great back and forth match with Gus and Taff....I'm not sure I have enjoyed much better company with 2 fine gentleman and gr8 players in a longtime!! 

    Well played guys you gave us a great match !!


  • RANGER1988
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    Sat, Mar 6 2021 5:04 AM

    Just 2 more Matches to be decided for this Round WGT'ers!

    Great Games throughout, well done

  • aliesen
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    Sat, Mar 6 2021 5:59 AM

    aliesen/storm8338 won 3up sunguramdogo/birchi. It was pleasure to play with Martin and Simon.


  • Tgkomv
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    Sat, Mar 6 2021 12:41 PM

    Marcoholo59 and Tgkomv  vs  Kelsp and LuizFabiano

    Marcoholo59&Tgkomv won 2Up.

    It was a seesaw game that could have gone either way. Great match guys! And a nice, friendly chat! 

  • RANGER1988
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    Sun, Mar 7 2021 5:27 AM

    Welcome to the "Sweet 16" Round WGT'ers! Congratulation's to all of you that have made it this far into the Tournament, and Thank You to Everyone that has participated!

    Sweet 16 Round:  St. Andrews Golf Club

    Due Date:  3/7-3/20

    Format:  18 Hole Alt-Shot, 7 Time-out's, 90 Second shot clock, Apparel off

    Your "Sweet 16" Match-up's:

    ECC370/WhirlawayNow  VS  Kenher01/BigWC

    JDGHOST/Mihtymouse79  VS  TSOULARA/Giannis81s

    Young46/Shefuf  VS  DeanBarr/JSmithers

    Bluto346/el3n1  VS  Mandie02/Ishimi31

    aliesen/stoem8338  VS  sirshinealot/allcckandmuscle

    Marcoholo59/Tgkomv  VS  bader76/onekeano

    Morgan1464/Priestess  VS  doylerc/Yiannis1970

    gregcuk/sonnymaxbo  VS  DuduM1/NrEighteen

    Best of Luck to all of you, and remember to have fun!


  • Kenher01
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    Wed, Mar 10 2021 9:00 AM

    Myself & Wayne (BigWC) will be taking on Evan (ECC370) & Matt (WhirlawayNow) at St Andrews @5pm EST (10pm GMT)

    Evan will be doing the honours re Streaming the match.

    Link ecc370



  • Kenher01
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    Thu, Mar 11 2021 2:10 AM

    So yesterday Evening/last night we got it on eventually, i say eventually as we'd a storm rolling through over here (lost power during the night/after the match) & I'd early connection/loading Issues.

    We originally tee'd off on #1 (back left pin) & we never got to take our putt (problems my end)

    Hats off to Evan & Matt's patience as 20 odd minutes later we got teeing off again, back left pin again!, what's seldom is wonderful!.

    #1 halved with birds

    #2 Front Pin, all came down to the bounce of the drive, I was closer so was able to check up my 100w in to leave my P a makeable birdie putt which he duly obliged, the guys ball fed down to the usual spot & they were unlucky not to make the long putt.

    Holes 3 through to 9 were halved with birds to leave us 1 up through 9 (Both Evan & myself were unlucky not to make our long eagle putts to the front pin on #5)


    #10 halved with birds

    #11 Par 3, back pin, Left to right wind, slight headwind, i intended to click slightly early but got an accidental ding but still managed to put it 3 yd's pin high right from the hole, the guys had a longer one on a similar line, Matt's putt looked good a few feet out but just tailed away near the hole, Wayne rolled in the bird to put us 2 Up.

    #12 The "short" Par 4, Tailwind & back pin!, Wayne drive landed around the front of the green but got a hard bounce & ran through the green & finished in the light rough at the back of the green, Matt's drive on the other hand got a dead bounce & stopped stone dead short of the green.

    Not quite sure what happened with Matt's shot from 35 yd's, he possibly forgot to put spin on ball as it landed pin high but hopped & rolled past & off the plateaux & down into the dip, i put my shot from 20 yd's to a yd, Matt made a valiant effort from 32 ft on the green but his putt just slipped by, our birdie putt was conceded to put us 3 Up.

    #13 Headwind so long seconds in, Wayne clicked a little late with the L - R quartering Headwind so we finished a good bit away pin high right, the guys got a better kick from the drive so had the luxury of a 6i in compared to Wayne's 4i & duly took advantage as Matt putt it to a a good spot for his P.

    After much debate between my P & I, I eventually aimed my Putt 1/2 a cup outside right from 22 Ft away & low & behold the triple breaker was straight as it finished exactly where i aimed, lol.

    Even slotted in their 11 Ft putt to cut the deficit to 2.

    #14 Par 5, Middle Pin & a tailwind!!, the guys got to hit in 1st & as usually happens nearly held the green from 271 yd's out but just rolled off the back.

    We'd 263 in & again after much debate between my P & I as to whether to land short of the green & hope for a good bounce & soft roll or to play for the plateaux just short & right of the green i listened to my P & played for the latter, one advantage i did have was i was hitting the "baby" 3 Wd, my Mizuno is only Rated 242 but with High Trajectory so i was able to go Full Full & I'm glad i listened to my P as it worked out as he said it would, we got the dead bounce & it rolled out/fed down to pin high left to leave him an eagle putt.

    Matt had one of those awkward distances in from the back of the green where it was right between a Pitch, a Flop & or a Punch, his shot from 24 yd's away landed a couple of yd's short & rolled a further 2 yd's past to leave his P a possible 6 ft birdie chance if my P couldn't make the eagle putt but Wayne was up to the occasion & rolled in the 12 Ft Eagle putt to put us back to 3 Up.

    #15 Back pin with a slight R - L tailwind, normally you'd go long here so both Wayne & Matt backed off a little to leave it short of the hole, i managed to roll in my 10 Footer for bird so it was over to Evan, Evan's 10 Ft birdie putt just burnt the edge so that gave us a 4 & 3 win.

    There was really nothing in it on the F9 & we got a bit of luck early on in the B9 to get a little lead & hold onto it.

    Thanks again to Matt & Evan for accommodating me re the playing time & for persevering with me at the start of the match owing to my connection/Loading Issues.

    Was a great game that really could have gone either way, thanks again to Matt & Evan & not forgetting my P Wayne who played outstanding.



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    Thu, Mar 11 2021 3:10 AM

    JDGHOST & mihtymouse79 vs TSOULARA & Giannis81's...George will be streaming on Twitch if anyone is interested ..

    (Tomorrow) Friday 4:30 CST / 5:30 EST 


  • morgan1464
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    Thu, Mar 11 2021 3:32 PM

    Priestess&Morgan vs Yiannis1970&Doylerc on St. Andrews at 8pm UK.

    Clem will be streaming: