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FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wed, Jan 20 2021 5:05 AM (56 replies)
  • Kenher01
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    Tue, Jan 5 2021 11:51 AM


    Hi WGT

    This is from a long time player ... 9+ years with many friends who are also long time players and we are all scratching our heads about why the Early Access / NewVersion /Launcher does not play as well as the Flash version did.   These are my priorities:

    1)   Indicate when players are available, offline, or busy - as the Flash version did..   The current option of turning yourself offline is OK if peope bother/get it - but many don't.   Maybe there is an advantage of some sort to WGT with that ... IDK.   But still when you are trying to set up a game you need to know who is actually availble to play ... at the moment everyone is available "green".   

    2) Give us back a box that shows what our friends availability is.   Having to set up a game to see this & then invite people who are eternally green is just proving a waste of time.   I read the Forum today & there are many long time players saying that they can't get a game.   These long time players are the people who have spent money on this game over the years on balls, clubs, avatars (by the way what has happened to mine?  Are you refunding me for them?)

    3)   The "chat" is v v clumsy ... & many times just stops working.   Then may kick in again or may not .. having to 'X' in out some players find very distracting instead of just having it there on the screen.

    4)  Changing the settings doesn't seem to work:   e.g.   I have changed the minimap to RHS screen in Settings ... but always it is LHS.  I have friends whose clubs have disappeared & they can't get them back, who have no option to set up a game on the B9 of a course.

    5)   The game itself is pretty awful & not a patch on the Flash game IMHO ... I have lost more balls in a week than ever before ... but I guess that's just a learning curve :) 

    6)   The inane commentary .. can we have an option to turn it off please?   I know when my opponent is on the tee or hitting a shot ... I don't want to be told I am 2 holes down or whatever - I actually already know that (I think I passed "idiot" grade) ... I don't want to be told a "beautiful shot" when it's actually not by many who have been playing on here!   

    7)   Please return the information about how far your approach shot is ...this has disappeared and the consequence is that it takes longer to work out what your next shot should be, resulting in slower games.   This would be better than the "inane" commentary (see above).

    Think that's enuf for 2nite's vent!   One crying long timer @ how awful this is... But with hope that you will FIX IT!

    Cheers Kay 



    The answers to many of these questions should be available to you in your CC Forum or ask in your CC Skype Group but anyways ...

    1) Yep i guess until they add to the Online/Offline we'll have to prearrange Multiplayer Games through Skype, Discord etc etc

    2) as above

    3) The Chat as pointed out in other Threads ain't gonna be the same as Flash (Flash is dead) for one big reason, NV (PCEA/Mac) & Mobile (on actual Mobile devices) are the "same" (Full Crossplatform Compatibility down the road re Multiplayer on Mobile/between the 2 Platforms) so the old Flash Chat Box as pointed out in other Threads will just not work on Mobile as it would be too small on smaller Mobile Devices

    4) As pointed out earlier/above, It works, Set Swing Control to Left Side & Mini Map will be on RHS but you must hit Save & Close

    Re B9 many many Threads as to what you/they are doing wrong (In order Change Mode to Scored or Challenge (1st) & then select F or B 9, course, Timer etc, etc)


    5) Just your opinion but for those of us who made the jump months ago we think NV is superior to Flash

    6) Yes it is BIG, i guess a byproduct of having to be big for the smaller Mobile Devices, annoying when a put drops but you don't get to see it drop because the hole is covered by a big fat letter, would be nice to know for the next time in that position if the previous putt went in high side, middle or low side

    Re "Watching Opponent" you'd be surprised how many games go on with people with same clothing & 30 sec's go by before they realise it's their shot so "Watching Opponent" helps on that score

    7) Not sure what you mean as all the info is there as before

    Have you checked your Settings/have you turned on Toptracer! ?



  • bob2putt
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    Sun, Jan 10 2021 11:47 AM

    Ditto!  I want to add to the rant about the huge box at the bottom of the flag when putting, along with the big lock and all the commentary. It's hard enough to putt without all the distractions.  Keep working on it, you guys are trying and it helps.  Bob

  • BeezNutz82
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    Sun, Jan 10 2021 11:52 AM

    Can some one please help me. Please just respond to this so I can try and work out something with these moderators

  • BeezNutz82
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    Sun, Jan 10 2021 12:06 PM

    Please your a very active member... Can you help me they keep disabling me. I've been emailing Posting in different threads filing tickets for return service requests. I got one smartass from top gold told me to list the accounts I have.... really I only ever wanted 1 account.

    I have no interest in some advantage. I just wanna play the game. There system wouldn't find my original golfer. Not because it was never saved or registered. I dont know why. So not reading teams n conditions first I just wanted to hit some balls again after learning of a close family member passing away from covid after shes fought a year to get back to healthy Gma. I like how I can get list in this game. I like the numbers and how the system works. I'm decent at it. 



    Any way I ended up linking 2 golfers to the same FB when they finally figured it out they disabled my second golfer. I had no issue with that except they didnt finish their job... they only disabled him didnt delete him.  Right then I made multiple attempts to contact every form of CS... I then sent a request for a password change as I didnt know what was going on at that point... I got an one for my original golfer Beeznuts82....Sweet I figured I was all good anyway still didnt know the terms at this point. (2weeks ago).. once I had my original account I spent a but of money so I'd be able to compete in some of the easier tournaments... Anyway I play for about 4-6 days and boom user disabled, on my original dam account, WHY WTF. SO I try and get ahold of CS for days and finally find one response in the spam folder from a topgolf address stating I had already received a response! I haven't or atleast If I have I cant find it.... please help me or atleast give me an address for someone who cares, an would like to do their job compleatlly. Instead of disabling and forgetting about it

  • Bowl64
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    Sun, Jan 10 2021 2:15 PM

    Is it only me that thinks the new version is quite ok? When setting up an altshot a list of available friends shows up, in settings there`s an option to turn off or on your availability.



  • EK2019
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    Wed, Jan 13 2021 6:34 AM

    NO, it is just you... the Desktop is a joke from the 80's... RIP

  • xxxhogheadxxx
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    Wed, Jan 13 2021 7:02 PM

    Another issue that WGT needs to fix.


    The availability of players when they are already in a game.

    There is no way at the moment to let friends know that we are already in a game even though our only option in the setup menu is to state we are "online".


    I've heard of friendships breaking down over this issue WGT.  i know, what can you do...

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    Wed, Jan 13 2021 7:43 PM

    5) Just your opinion but for those of us who made the jump months ago we think NV is superior to Flash


    Hi Ken.

    Just wondering who these are because 90% of my friends would rather go back to flash and around 30% have given up.

    To say its better than the flash version is mind blowing. The graphics are worse, the clarity of dots on greens are worse. The click here and click there is worse. There was no online game that had the graphical impact flash had.

    It is getting better but like everyone says they must sort out the friends list and turn online status from green to another colour when playing. It's not up to us to do this and go back to tick this , then lose chat , reload etc etc. They must sort it out!  It's their product and it costs money to play. It's not good enough!!

  • SimonTheBeetle
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    Wed, Jan 13 2021 8:22 PM


    NO, it is just you... the Desktop is a joke from the 80's... RIP

    Then the flash version must've been the Breakout Atari released in the 70's.

    No, it's not true it's just him.

    If you like the game, keep playing it. If you don't, move on! As simple as that. No need to stick around to whine and grumble!

    You don't like the tone I use? Good, we're even then!

  • Yiannis1970
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    Thu, Jan 14 2021 1:45 AM

    I am sorry dear Amanda, but i have to agree with Simon. The launcher is better because they say so!!

    Noone disputed the fact that flash is gone. Noone disputed the fact that we will be playing the launcher. For the last couple of months i have been trying to make a technical discussion with whoever wanted to try. Nada...not even a single one. The launcher is better cause they say so!!

    I have made videos, compared pics, explained scaling, explained pseudo 1080 resolution. You know Amanda, video and photography is a hobby of mine the last 17 years. Video and photography have specific objective (meaning measurable data) results. It's not what i like and what i don't. That's why i wanted to try and make this conversation in here with no luck. I guess there's noone in here who understands or who realizes how all these above are working. That's why everyone refused to have this technical conversation about the overall quality flash vs launcher.


    I tried the same on a popular facebook wgt page. As a result i got banned from a clueless tour pro (moderator) i believe who demonstrated his extreme democratic ideals by banning me with no reason whatsoever.


    So, it's pretty simple dear Tess. Don't try to discuss about certain things cause they will never do. Don't try to prove technical results because they will never accept them (actually they won't understand them for starters....).


    Just shut up and play!!! Launcher is better because they say so!!!


    Kisses dear Amanda....