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New Format

Tue, Mar 16 2021 6:29 PM (104 replies)
  • BMX123
    612 Posts
    Wed, Dec 30 2020 2:02 PM

    I downloaded the new desktop access point for WGT. When I try to join a stroke game or Alt game it does not connect to anyone - its like no ones playing.

  • sammey1
    550 Posts
    Wed, Dec 30 2020 2:12 PM

    When joining try selecting apparel off.

  • BMX123
    612 Posts
    Wed, Dec 30 2020 4:34 PM

    Nope - Turn it off - still the same - no players connecting. My net is good and app fully recognizes me  

  • Tomr789
    779 Posts
    Wed, Dec 30 2020 5:45 PM

    This new format sucks.




  • BMX123
    612 Posts
    Wed, Dec 30 2020 9:34 PM

    Solution anyone

  • sammey1
    550 Posts
    Wed, Dec 30 2020 10:00 PM

    Same thing happening here too. WGTChampion, can you shed some light on this?

  • BMX123
    612 Posts
    Thu, Dec 31 2020 4:49 AM

    Still the same cant play other players

  • protonc
    481 Posts
    Thu, Dec 31 2020 5:13 AM

    I've been playing only the new version since March without issue. Last night I couldn't find a game, so I tried numerous options. Surprisingly I played one Stroke game found with apparel off and Amateur or higher, but it was with only Legends. Next game was Alt Shot, but could only find with apparel on and hack or higher, played with a champ and 2's.

    I also would suggest when searching to back out to the main screen, and try again. There are times I feel like it makes a difference in how you make your selections practice to scored, on to off apparel,  and etc. Could be a coincidence.

    And why is practice the default? 

  • Kenher01
    1,151 Posts
    Thu, Dec 31 2020 5:26 AM

    Ya just gotta keep trying,

                                                 Just cos there's millions of players it doesn't necessarily mean all of them are in at the same time & looking for a Random game, most play with Friends & only resort to an Anyone (Random) if they can't hook up with a friend.

    It's not like it was all rosey with Flash, I can remember many a time with Flash trying for 30 mins solid trying to get a MPC with a Random by both Searching for a game & Setting up & then other times getting lucky with my 1st or 2nd time.

    Last night my time on NV, so Evening time in The US I fancied a MPC, looked through my Friends list, I'd a mix of Strokes Play & AS but not really any MPC players so I went down the Anyone/Random route.

    Tried the Set Up & then Search for a game, after a few mins I got a hit while Searching but the guy didn't fancy playing me (fair enough), I kept trying & i kept getting the same guy who kept rejecting me but in a nice way.

    So I left it a few mins again & then came back & got a hit on my 1st try this time around, Searched for a Game & I was the Anyone/Random.

    Was a good fun game.

    I reckon it gonna be quiet on the MPC front for awhile til the ex Flash player's get to grips with the NV

    Best time to try & get a game is Primetime, when most players on, Late Evening/Night in Europe & early Evening, early in the night in The US



  • YankeeJim
    25,827 Posts
    Thu, Dec 31 2020 5:33 AM

    Ya just gotta keep trying,

    BS. An hour!!  A friggin hour and can't get a game going!! FFS, they've had almost a year to get things right and all they've done is screw around with stupid additions. To hell with the social aspect of the game, either play by yourself or go do something else.

    11 years loving this game and WGT has managed to destroy my passion for it overnight. Well done.



    p.s., This new version has a new twist--it literally shuts down your computer when you try to do stuff like look at an opponent's profile or your setting (in between turns.) I mean like literally shuts down.

    It happened twice during one aboorted attempt to get a game going. The game started, I looked at an opponent's profile and poof, computer shuts down. The second time it happened I tried looking at my game settings in between shots and poof, computer shuts down.

    Marisa Tomei said it best in My Cousin Vinny---"OMG what a fkn nightmare."