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S.S. WGT Tour

Sun, Mar 7 2021 11:35 AM (612 replies)
  • BPeterson8256
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    Sun, Jan 10 2021 11:30 AM


    I don’t know why, but I submitted my round several days ago, and still nothing is posted. Did I get removed from this? If so, no worries, life goes on. Mike

    I got ya, Mike

    It is probably just a delay from being on moderation. I will always get those added back in even if I get them late.


    how do i join in the fun?  roger

    Consider yourself in, Roger. To play in this first tournament you need to post a score in the WGT WK 2 18-HOLE SINGLE PLAY tournament. There are less than 12 hours left.

    If you don't see this in time, still play each week in the 18-HOLE SINGLE PLAY tournaments and post your scores here. That will establish your handicap for when the next tournament starts.


  • BPeterson8256
    1,804 Posts
    Mon, Jan 11 2021 3:19 AM

    Simpatico Springs New Year Open ROUND 2 has started!

    Round 2 is the par 72 Pebble Beach course WK 3 18-HOLE SINGLE PLAY


    LEADERBOARD has been updated through the 1st round

    The New Year Open Leaderboard can be found in the first reply to the "Original Post" (page 1)

    I included the "handicap" column here. If your score is in yellow, your handicap was not established yet. If you have a number in the "handicap" column. Your handicap has been established and all future scores in the tournament will use that handicap.


    Posting scores: Please keep posting your scores here. Don't worry if you are under moderation. I will get them when they post. You can also post a score on my wall. I don't think wall posts go through moderation. 


    1st Round Highlights

    wags700 posts an opening round 67, taking a 1 stroke lead over beerstine. brianmartin56 rounds out the Top 3 "Trophy Spots". There is a huge logjam tied for 6th place as handicaps are still being established for this Tour. Three of those players tied have now established a handicap, and all but one player will have an established handicap for the final round.

    Have fun & go low!

  • sparty979
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    Mon, Jan 11 2021 4:20 AM

    Pretty good round at Pebble Beach. Started off with 4 birdies and shot a 29 on the first 9. Kept it up on the back 9 until I hit that damn tree on the 14th and lipped out my par putt. Finished strong and ended with a 31 on the back. 

    Week 3 -- 60

    Avoid the tree on 14 and hit 'em straight! Good Luck!

  • stevedavies500
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    Mon, Jan 11 2021 6:44 AM

    My Wk3 at Pebble Beach scored an -8 (64) nothing much to shout out about missed birdies on two of the par 5’s and had a lapse of concentration on a short putt on 17 giving me my only bogey of the round.

    GLTA this week


  • Slimjim001
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    Mon, Jan 11 2021 7:31 AM

    Wk 3 is in the bag @ 64. As usual, front 9 went farly well but the back 9 tortured me. I did manage only one bogey so I won't beat my self up too bad. 


  • Gepetto1958
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    Mon, Jan 11 2021 8:42 AM

    Everything is going wrong. A miserable 71. My eyes start to see flashes of Flash flashing.


  • GArmstrong8
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    Mon, Jan 11 2021 10:31 AM

    Week 3 is done for me, birdie bogie birdie bogie, struggled to a -2 70. Thanks.


  • reggie7900
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    Mon, Jan 11 2021 12:18 PM

    Week 3 done 66 for me one of those rounds where it could have been more but my putting definitely let me down on this one but under par could have been worse cheers. 


  • paulgreen79
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    Mon, Jan 11 2021 12:41 PM

    Wk3 round completed, and really got carried away! 3 birdies in the first 3 holes had me thinking that I was going have a great round at PB, but a couple of pats slowed me down. Then I traded bogeys and birdies for the rest of the round to end up shooting -4

    Still better than my first 2 rounds though so I’ll take that 

    Paulgreen79 -4 (68)

  • Carrvet
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    Mon, Jan 11 2021 1:57 PM

    My wee 3 score of -4 68 is on my better side. Happy with my round. Still have my brain farts but I can't escape those in 18 holes.