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S.S. WGT Tour

Mon, Jan 10 2022 7:49 PM (2,178 replies)
  • TomCarioca
    188 Posts
    Tue, Jun 29 2021 1:42 AM


  • almancini
    146 Posts
    Tue, Jun 29 2021 6:52 AM

    73 for almancini at Wolf Creek back to normal this week!Need to get more familiar with this course!

  • garyk49
    2,027 Posts
    Tue, Jun 29 2021 10:52 AM

    06.29.21 Wk 27 18-hole Single Play Full 18 Tour Legend 64

    Score doesn't look as great as it should have been, only eagle was on 17.  But I am happy with this score.  Game was played much better(for a change) then the score indicates, sure the wind got me a couple of times, sure I had some strange acting putts.  But was happy with approach shots and I know why I missed some putts.  This round should have been in the 50's.

  • AlaskanDame
    14,887 Posts
    Tue, Jun 29 2021 6:50 PM

    71 for me.

    A very expensive round.  Lost 3 Max Platinums, 3 different holes.  I guess when I told my playing partners that I was headed for some water to ease the heat, my balls thought I meant my drive was supposed to be headed there, not myself.


  • wags700
    1,093 Posts
    Tue, Jun 29 2021 7:19 PM

    65 this week for me. I hit every green in regulation with an average distance of 3.06 yds from the hole. 33 putts for a total distance of made putts being 93 feet.

  • RANGER1988
    930 Posts
    Tue, Jun 29 2021 7:48 PM

    61 this Week for me.

    Thanks for everything, Brett

  • johnnyjayjay
    667 Posts
    Tue, Jun 29 2021 9:07 PM

    just played wolf 72 for me  quite happy

  • BStanley6
    981 Posts
    Wed, Jun 30 2021 1:56 AM

    A 65 for me in Week 27 around Wolf Creek. I was happy with it but the usual 3-4 shots left out on course, Although on the positive I can't think of any big putts that counteract the ones I missed. 

    I started Eagle, Edge burner Par, Birdie, Edge burner Par & finished Birdie, Eagle, Birdie to amke the round a lot better than it was looking. Just the 2 bogeys & still breaking in the new putter so all in all feeling pretty positive with that score.

  • JBIII9
    272 Posts
    Wed, Jun 30 2021 4:58 AM

    Up and down 9 under 63 for me in the wk 27 18 hole single play at Wolf Creek.  Overall a very good score for me but a lot of highs and lows.

    After an eagle on hole 1, I managed to bogey number 2 and 3 to bring me back down to reality.  Managed to eagle another one of the par 5 and had a good chance at an eagle on a third, birdied 8 other holes on the course but still could not keep those bogeys off the score card with a third on hole 10.  

    The whole round I was very focused on trying to avoid the lost ball which I always seem to fall victim to at WC.  I was successful until hole 18 when my drive fell short and it went in the drink, not sure how as I should have had plenty of distance and hit it well but this hole always seems to surprise me.  Fortunately I managed to save par despite loosing the ball, just need to make a note to self about laying up on this hole.


  • GArmstrong8
    598 Posts
    Wed, Jun 30 2021 9:17 AM

    Well, I managed a -12 (60) for this weeks competition at WC. Very tough round until a flurry of birds and a couple eagles in the final 7 holes. GLA!