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S.S. WGT Tour

Sat, Jan 29 2022 8:40 AM (2,179 replies)
  • JBIII9
    289 Posts
    Wed, Jun 23 2021 6:47 PM

    11 under 79 for me on the best of par 5s. Couldn’t manage to sink any eagle putts, but fortunately kept the bogeys off the card.  I am expecting some real low rounds from the big hitters out there.


  • Cas57
    2,843 Posts
    Wed, Jun 23 2021 11:52 PM


    I had to leave mid game at -6 after 8 holes.  Since I didn't know when I would be back nor did I want to exit out, I asked my daughter to finish up the game for me.  There was a note when I got back saying sorry about the score but I scored a 3 on a hole and looking at my profile page, she sunk a 13yd shot on 17.  Yay for her!

  • fmagnets
    3,631 Posts
    Thu, Jun 24 2021 12:44 PM

    68 on Bo5. Had a decent round going, then headwinds on 11, 16, 17, 18 prevented a strong finish.

  • marcfive
    1,263 Posts
    Thu, Jun 24 2021 1:33 PM

    78 for me this week.


  • beerstine
    415 Posts
    Fri, Jun 25 2021 2:43 AM

    Had a strong run of birdies going and then totally lost momentum on the last half of the back 9 and finished weak.  82 is a bad score on best of par 4, and I suppose a fair score on best of par 5.  I'm glad it's the latter this time.

  • freddydivit
    236 Posts
    Fri, Jun 25 2021 3:46 PM

    Week 26 - Best of Par 5's.  Score: 86 (-4)

    Well.... that was a brutal mess, my friends.  I thoroughly butchered the Front 9, finding myself in sand and vegetation that I didn't even know existed!  Had to shoot 5-under on the back to card even a pretty lousy 86.  There was a LOT of wind out there on many of the holes and I didn't handle any of that particularly well.  It is what it is, but that was a disappointing start to the current Tour event.  Better luck to the rest of you!  On to next week!

  • reggie7900
    901 Posts
    Fri, Jun 25 2021 11:52 PM

    75 for me back 9 some serious headwinds good fun though cheers. 


  • DufferJohn7
    3,473 Posts
    Sat, Jun 26 2021 11:30 AM

    Wk 25 18 HSP Best of Par 5's - 75

    Coulda, woulda, shoulda been better. Only made 2 of 6 eagle putts and did some unnecessary scrambling due to poor shot execution. Pretty much my usual LOL.

    See you next week.

    Have fun and hit 'em straight,


  • GArmstrong8
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    Sat, Jun 26 2021 6:08 PM

    76 this week, the 26th week

  • garyk49
    2,146 Posts
    Sun, Jun 27 2021 4:59 AM




    Wk 26 18-hole Single Play Full 18 Tour Legend 83

    Brett, I am posting this again.  Looking at the leaderboard, it appears you might have missed this.

    I would love to play this round again, but alas the game won't let me.