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strange length indicators of the irons

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Fri, Dec 25 2020 2:36 PM (3 replies)
  • pemo1106
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    Fri, Dec 25 2020 5:03 AM

    Hello all,


    I understand something absolutely not. I had an offer with level 86 to buy a complete package Tailormate Level 90 clubs. this I took. are speed 3 but I kriegs pretty good. now comes.... the lengths of the clubs are totally different. when I make single games I have the following lengths: 120-140-157-171-187-201-217-237.....


    but when i play skins for example it shows the correct lengths 120-135-150-165-180-195-210-225.


    curiously, the lengths are in relation from as displayed. so for example my nine iron goes in singleplay with full backspin 134y in multiplay only 127-128y. so it behaves through all clubs. only the wedges remain predictable in both game forms.

     what could be the reason for this?

    is this also the case for you?

    what can I do to correct this?


    Thanks for the help



  • MarchieB
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    Fri, Dec 25 2020 7:37 AM

    Your apparel (clothing) is adding distance to your irons in certain types of games (coin rooms)

  • Dex000
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    Fri, Dec 25 2020 1:06 PM

    You can't trust the distances WGT gives you for your clubs. You have to map them with the ball you'll be using to get accurate distances. Also, never use magic clothes. They'll throw off your distances, and you'll always be at a disadvantage against players who don't use magic clothes and have their clubs mapped. 

  • pemo1106
    11 Posts
    Fri, Dec 25 2020 2:36 PM

    ahhhhhh ok i understand.