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push pull putting

Tue, Dec 22 2020 6:22 PM (5 replies)
  • toothsayer
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    Mon, Dec 21 2020 11:57 AM

    Hello everyone. I have been a push pull putter inside of 10 feet for as long as I've played the game. Been struggling mightly with the new version and this technique. Any experiences or suggestions would be appreciated. Also I am mourning the lack of UEL games. Thanks, Daniel.

  • jacktrade51
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    Mon, Dec 21 2020 8:44 PM

    Without getting into debate over off-ding vs ding putting (I do both), my major point on new version is the screen is bigger.  So 2 feet off hole is a little farther away then before. 

    I've been having the problem too, but I am adjusting.


  • Slimjim001
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    Tue, Dec 22 2020 5:58 AM

    I think what you are referring to by "push pull" is what I know it as "off-ding" putting. I used it when I played the flash version but when I moved over to PCEA, it was altogether different but with persistence, I am back to putting well with off-ding. There are four things to consider when off-ding putting: 1) green speed, 2) dot speed, 3) distance and 4) Power. 

    Green Speed: My baseline is Fast 9 so if I am on any other speed, I need to compensate how much power I use.

    Dot Speed: I don't get overly technical here. I break the shot meter into four segments on both sides of the ding line. I use a transparent ruler like overlay right on my monitor screen but you could just imagine the four segment points.

    Distance: For me, off-ding putting is mostly accurate at 10' or less but I do use it up to 15 or 20 feel on occasion depending on conditions.

    Power: This is probably the most important thing about off-ding putting. I add one foot of power for every segment away from the ding line on Fast 9 greens. Adjust accordingly for other green speeds.

    Remember, this is not a scientific style of putting but with lots of practice, it will result in better than average putting. It is brought me to a 1.52 putts per hole.

    Good Luck

  • Dex000
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    Tue, Dec 22 2020 10:50 AM

    For the first three years I played this game, moving from Hack up to Legend, I was an off-ding putter. I only played match games, and I was totally happy with my 65 average. Sometime last year I decided to get more serious about the game, and I realized immediately that off-ding putting wasn't going to work if I wanted to shoot in the 50's. 

    If your goal is to improve, I'd suggest learning the JC Snead method of putting on the NV. That's the best technique I've found. It doesn't cover every putting situation, but it's the best foundation. You'll have to tweak it for downhill puts and big breakers, but it works for probably 70% of the putts you'll face.

    There are other techniques, like aim points and cup counting, on the NV that help when a putt doesn't look right. And sometimes off-dinging is still necessary on top of using these techniques. In other words, you need a few different tools in your putting tool box that you can use for different situations, and you only learn how and when to use them through experience. 

    I'd highly recommend learning JC Snead as soon as possible. I had three years of mostly 2 and 3 putts built up, and I'm paying for it now. Trying to get my putting stats down has been a huge ongoing pain in the as s. 

    Also, this game is mostly about putting. If you get really good at it low scores will follow. 

    If you only want to be an off ding putter, and a low average isn't a priority, then I'd suggest changing the dot speed on the new version to Classic. That's as close to flash as you'll get, and putting might make more sense for you with faster dots. 

    Good luck. 

  • Yiannis1970
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    Tue, Dec 22 2020 12:28 PM

    Greens on the launcher are playing slower. For instance, for championship greens i use tournament numbers (12 numbers instead of 13). Same happens to other green speeds...for tournament i play 11 numbers and so on...

  • toothsayer
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    Tue, Dec 22 2020 6:22 PM

    Thanks to all for the input. I hadn't considered that the green speeds could actually be different. I tend to play in games that are 12 or 13 and the speed differential would explain what appears as more severe break around the cup. I'm only 3 weeks into the NV so I guess a bit of patience is in order. Thanks again for the responses. And again can we please get uneven lies back.Post