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SEL v Transgressional annual friendly

Fri, Jan 22 2021 3:48 AM (41 replies)
  • pipala
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    Sun, Dec 20 2020 9:20 AM

                              SEL 44            Transgressional   47


    Welcome to the thread for what has become an annual meet up with our friends at Transgressional and if past meetings are anything to go by this will prove to be another keenly contested event.

    Firstly apologies for the delay in getting this thread up and running, i'm blaming A*di's for running a promotion on Stella Art*is, other supermarkets and lager brands are available throughout this inter match.

    It's fair to say that Transgressional are one of the best CC's out there and we have enjoyed many encounters over the years both in friendlies and World Cup matches.

    This one is a little different due to the imminent transition to PCEA launcher on 29th December. Both clubs have several players who still play flash only, or have limited experience with launcher and it seemed only fair to give these the opportunity to participate on that platform before its demise. Therefore we have 14 matches that will be flash v flash and naturally these must be completed by 29th December. The flash match ups have now been confirmed and are in table 1 below.

    The sign up for the match remains open for the next week  when I will post the launcher/PCEA match ups. Scores will be combined.

    The rules for the match are as follows;

    1. 18 Hole matchplay - Wolf Creek
    2. Due date is 29 December for flash - Launcher tbc
    3. Please friend request your opponent as soon as possible
    4. Please arrange your matches for a set time and date, tentative arrangements do not work
    5. Please communicate any match problems to myself as soon as possible
    6. Please post your match results in here so I can keep everything updated
    7. Points will be scored as follows;

    Win - 3 pts
    Win after extra holes - 2pts
    Loss - 0pts

    Flash matches;

    SEL v

    Pipala v         Mgb01 Trans
    ibprime v         rsilverbullet SEL
    Forrrrrrrr v         kelsp SEL
    ScotsLynn v         solkysten SEL
    AnaNikolaj v         mbcarp99 SEL
    Pvall v         christine67 SEL
    Nicozandberg v         FarFoo Trans
    Amateur4sure v         doylerc SEL
    Bluey403 v         kdownunder SEL
    Ranger1988 v         soliderock1 Trans
    Jgr123 v         Wasagojii Trans
    Mike59a0 v         LuizFabiano Trans
    Jacko1972 v         marcoholo59 Trans
    Bader76 v         darek2 Trans

    Launcher matches;

    SEL v       Transgressional Result

    xxDannyxxo v        gusbencai SEL
    DoubleeagleRob v        Yiannis1970 SEL
    Pvall v        sirshinealot Trans
    Ostfriedel v        dzonwejin ex holes
    LeHew v        frenchconnect Trans
    Aliesen v        Krcun70 SEL
    PaulFinn52 v        carlosdev SEL
    Ranger1988 v        BombShelly Trans
    Ranger1988 v        RickyMoo SEL
    Storm8336 v        jschins SEL
    Tdotdoba v        topaz53 ex holes
    Tsoulara v        golferXreturns Trans
    KenbTexas v        solkysten SEL
    scotslynn v        genorb Trans
    Cousinzeke v        DUFFR99 Trans
    Bader76 v        Tgkomv Trans
    scotslynn v        IrishKing Trans

    Launcher matches will run until midnight Sunday 17th January and please note that no apparel advantages are permitted in these. Any questions please ask myself or Gordon, best of luck everyone, been a great contest so far

    Have fun as always



  • amateur4sure
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    Sun, Dec 20 2020 9:28 AM

    Bwahaha I gave Gordon My thanks last night with a rake of the usual insults hehe.

  • Yiannis1970
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    Sun, Dec 20 2020 9:39 AM

    You dared to beat my beloved partner??? I 'll fix ya the next time we will play!!!

  • pipala
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    Sun, Dec 20 2020 10:15 AM

    Got my match played yesterday afternoon with Mickey and what a pleasure it was.

    It proved to be a classic match play battle in which both players made very few mistakes. I took an early lead on the 3rd which I held on to as we halved hole after hole until a beauty shot from Mickey late into the back 9 to square things.

    I then left my putt on 16 an inch or 2 short for Mickey to edge in front for the first time and the writing was on the wall, realistically it needed an unmatched eagle from me on 17 or 18 to go to extra holes.

    I left myself putts on both holes but it wasn't to be and we closed out on the 18th with a win for Mickey. (If I'd sunk my putt on 18 I would have bought a Euro millions ticket last night lol)

    Thank you mate for a great match, it was a lot of fun and provided many laughs, great to get together at last

  • FarFoo
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    Sun, Dec 20 2020 10:21 AM

    FarFoo vs Nico will be streamed at 8pm uk time today. here...

  • FarFoo
    2,889 Posts
    Sun, Dec 20 2020 10:57 AM

    Please note all.  these first bunch of games are intended to be played with  flash version

  • MGB01
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    Mon, Dec 21 2020 2:02 AM
    yes great battle with pip ...he was solid all match and i had doubts how to get in front....he made 1 mistake leaving a putt short which gave me a chance to make my move....classic matchplay played with a good friend......and he nearly lost the keys to his fun
  • ibprime
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    Mon, Dec 21 2020 3:48 PM

    Just finished my match with rsilverbullet was a classic back and forth match ,,, I was up 2 at the turn then Ron battled back and I was 2down after 13
    but was able to make a few putts and won the match 1 up after 18.

    ibprime wins 1up after 18

    Kerry (ibprime)

  • RANGER1988
    992 Posts
    Tue, Dec 22 2020 8:32 PM

    RANGER1988 (Topper)  VS  Soliderock1 (Eric)  "Flash Version"

    I had an absolutely great Match with Eric. Lot's of laugh's throughout and some really great shot's too!

    Front Nine seen Eric with a 1 up lead quickly after #2 as my approach into the green caught the hill and rolled back down to the fringe, as he was able to sink a very nice birdie putt from about 9 Feet. I pulled back to A/S on #3 by pitching in from the fringe as Eric missed his birdie putt from about 12 Feet. Eric quickly recovered back to 1 up on #4 by sinking a beauty of a winder from 12 Feet as I missed my bird from 5 Feet to match. Eagle on #5 for me pulled us back to A/S after Eric had some trouble out of the rough, 2 bird's on #6 sees us stay A/S, my approach into #7 upper pin placement stuck on upper tier about 3 feet away for bird to take the Match to 1-up heading to #8, pars on #8 kept me up by 1, bird's from both of us on #9 kept Topper up by 1 as we made the turn.

    Back Nine was a round about affair! On #10, Eric just missed his bird attempt from 14 Feet, as I was able to sink mine from 10 Feet, pars on #11 sees us stay with a 2-up lead, Eric pulled 1 back on #12 by sinking a beautiful putt for Eagle from around 16 Feet, my Eagle attempt from 5 Feet lipped the cup! Topper 1-up, heading to #13, Eric sank another beautiful winder for bird to take the hole and square the Match up heading to #14, #14 and #15 were halved, and then the wheels fell off for me. Eric took a 1-up lead after #16 with a beautiful bird putt once again as mine lipped the hole once again, lol! A very wrong club choice found me in the front rough on #17 on my approach, as Eric stuck his approach to 3 Feet for Eagle and the Match win 2&1!

    We both had some great play throughout, and was a lot of fun!

    Thanks to all of our SEL'ers that came out to watch and support our Match, I'm sorry to keep all of you up past Midnight! LOL, not really

    Cheers and Best of Luck to both Team's, Have Fun!


  • bluey403
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    Thu, Dec 24 2020 2:54 AM

    had my game with Kay tonite. we made sure to stock up at the clubbhouse bar before venturing out on to the course. a good chat on skype while we had a few wines, poor old Kay didnt have much luck

    if any one cares to check my friends list, Kay is the very 1st friend I have. 9 years later we still really enjoy gettin together for a hit and fitting that we were matched together for probs my last ever m/p on flash


    side note : kay never beaten me at wgt but she whooped my ass on the real course, Hope Island Links and paid for lunch

    luv ya girl

    merry xmas all

    hoots yeah