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Landing zones on approach shots

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Fri, Nov 27 2020 2:24 PM (10 replies)
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  • DanL24
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    Fri, Nov 27 2020 2:24 PM


    can you clarify under the pin?  

    Reason I ask, I left an approach short on purpose last night thinking i have an uphill birdie putt and was left with a 12' down 3.6" slider, which I naturally missed.  

    What I'm trying to do is leave myself with putts that break either very little or uphill putts where the break can be figured out more easily.  


    You basically just have to memorize the greens so you know what quadrant to miss the pin in (short or long, left or right).  Simply looking at the colors on the green won't necessarily help you that much.


    On PB #1, you always want to end up a little short and right of the pin.

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