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TelegarmClub - Now Recruiting

Wed, May 5 2021 5:03 AM (42 replies)
  • SumoWarrior
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    Sat, Nov 14 2020 12:59 AM

    Hello to you all

    On the back of our greatest achievement, a 5th place in the latest Clash event, we are looking for new dedicated members that will help support the club and help us maintain our consistent top 10 finishes in the Clash Events.

    We are a small friendly club of 124 members, yet only 2/3rds of our members play in the Clash Events.  We would require you to join us on the Telegram App (Yes we know our club name is spelt incorrectly, but we have come to like it) if you would like to join us as we use that to communicate in Clash Events and our own dedicated chat rooms.

    We have members from Champions to Tour Pros (all Tiers are welcome). There are always lots of country club tournaments (some tier specific), a great forum, Telegram App, and trophies. 

    Come and join us and have a look around.

    To know more about the club please feel free to drop me a line at:

    or find us on the Telegram App - Madmax0073 or Sumowarrior

  • ddmcdaid5
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    Mon, Nov 16 2020 6:46 AM

    well said sumo.  our club forums on the telegram app are a place where all members can interract, share ideas,hints,advice or just shoot the breeze. we show each other respect at all times so it is a safe, inclusive experience. we look forward to meeting new players and helping them enhance their wgt experience, and maybe you can teach us something too.YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE. come on and join us. you wont regret it

  • CAM1961
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    Thu, Nov 19 2020 11:13 AM

    This a top club that caters for all levels - better players will enjoy the competitions we run and the organised approach to clashes when we aim to upset the "big boys", newer players will benefit from the advice which is freely offered in our forum, members are always on hand to give tips on clubs to get, how to play shots and many other aspects. And all levels enjoy the friendly nature of the club and the laughs we have among ourselves. Looking for a club to enhance your enjoyment of this game then come and try us out.

  • SumoWarrior
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    Sat, Nov 21 2020 12:43 PM

    Hello to All you WGT Golfers

    With the next Clash event approaching next week, we still have spaces open for you to join one of the up and coming smaller clubs in WGT land.

    We are mainly looking for some dedicated Stateside or Non Europeans to join our team as we do struggle during the "Graveyard Shifts" in the early UK mornings on the Friday and Saturday mornings.

    ALL tiers are most welcome and are treated in the same way as everyone else, it doesn't matter if you are a Champion or a Pro, all you do need to do is get on the Telegram App (like Whatsapp) and join our club chat rooms.

    This club needs YOU................ so what are you waiting for?

    For further details email us at

  • madmax0073
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    Mon, Nov 30 2020 12:59 PM

    Yes we are still looking for regular players so come and have so fun with us 

  • Runders
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    Wed, Dec 2 2020 5:58 AM

    Only been with Telegarm since the beginning of summer and I have enjoyed every day of it. There’s lots of competition variety and we all enjoy the various chat rooms. Lots of advice and encouragement to improve your game. Looking for enthusiastic players any gender, age and tier level. Just support the club and its members and we’ll support U. 

    take care golfers and stay safe



  • PapaDave98
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    Fri, Dec 4 2020 5:21 AM

    If you are new to this game like I am, I don't think you could find more people willing to help you out.  I've learned 10 things in the day I've been a member and have spoken with Max and he couldn't be anymore helpful if he tried.  If you're looking for fun and friendly people, this is the place.

  • ddmcdaid5
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    Mon, Dec 7 2020 6:18 AM

    thank you papadave. for a new member to highlight our club is very special. as has been said, telegarm is a fully inclusive place to enjoy wgt, or even somewhere to just have a chat. if you are a regular player, you will always have games to play and challenges to test yourself against. everyone is equal,and we will support all players who join. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE.  we just ask all members to treat everyone with patience and respect. while we are competitive,esp in the clash, the only pressure applied will be that which you place upon yourself.give us a chance, give us a call

  • madmax0073
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    Tue, Dec 8 2020 6:16 AM

    We are looking for new members who like playing and play regular we help new players we do club games and we have an excellent chat room if you want to improve come and visit us as we help all and also we have fun in the club in the chat room we have to know more please contact me on 

  • Nobody109
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    Wed, Dec 9 2020 3:04 AM

    if you want a club with helpful and nice pp, Telegarm is for you. Lots of great club games, have some guys doing some math so they fix HC scores, then you can compet in HC tournaments and compeet against champions and have a good shanse to do greate in a feer way. We are mostly a clash club (top 10) but we also do some TW games to. Only thing we would like is for members to be on Telagram for easy chating.. Most frendly club out there...