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Daily Free Spin coins not always being added to account!

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Sun, Sep 27 2020 5:05 PM (0 replies)
  • DavStan
    243 Posts
    Sun, Sep 27 2020 5:05 PM

    I've been noticing lately that the daily free spin coins are not being added to my account. I'm not really that worried about it because i have more coins than i will ever need but I've noticed it a few times now and it has made me pay attention to every spin that i do. Today was the most recent occurrence, i hit 2500 coins on the free spin and sat there and waited to see if it was going to be added but it never was. I know sometimes it takes a second to register to your coin amount. I even closed out the game and opened it back up to see if it would add them but it didn't. Just thought i would bring this to other players attention!