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Need help from Support: Purchase failed

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Sat, Sep 26 2020 7:55 AM (2 replies)
  • RicRango
    3 Posts
    Sat, Aug 22 2020 9:28 AM

    Need help but the WGT Support don´t answered. I bought on Wednesday a "Promo Bundle 19" from the offers. I klick it in the game and come to steam and bought it over my steam acc. Back in the Game I got a error from WGT-shop and I don´t receive what I bought! But my money is away and the purchase in steam is finished. The Steam Support said I have to contact the game manufacturer .. I do it with screens from the steam transaction but no answer .. ???

  • RicRango
    3 Posts
    Sun, Aug 23 2020 11:38 AM

    Support fixed the problem. All ok and Thank you !

  • i8tacos
    1 Posts
    Sat, Sep 26 2020 7:55 AM

    This just happened to me twice. Once yesterday, and the day before. I am in the process of emailing support, but as of right now...I am screwed out of a purchase. I hope they fix this. Real problem.