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Mon, Aug 17 2020 3:55 PM (3 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Sun, Aug 16 2020 7:41 PM

      I have copied and pasted enough to boggle ones mind . Just what I have saved here in WGT is enormous .

      If you have ever seen my website . You know all that is nothing compared to what I put into that as I built it from scratch  5 , 6 , 7 years ago .

      One of the coolest projects . Is one that I called " THANKS FOR A WALL OF A GOOD TIME " .

      In 2013 I started saving my wall posts to a forum in my site . All of them . Or most anyway . Coulda missed a few . It was going real well . Until I decided to up the security in my website . By activating my SSL Certificate .


    You can have a secure internet address (HTTPS) for free. Your community will be able to access your forum in an entirely secured way. In addition, sites secured via an SSL certificate benefit from a better SEO. A 301 redirection will be implemented as soon as it is activated (http to https).

      As that might be a good idea for some . I decided , not so much for me .

      One critically bad issue I had with it . Was that it corrupted the profile pics in all 5 years and 5 long pages of the WGT users in my wall posts .

      All of them . Hundreds of them . Permanently . No changing back . And according to the " support " they don't believe the SSL Certificate was the culprit . Anyway above every post there was this .....

    And no avatar . F... A DUCK !

      Not going to let that ruin it . I vowed to restore " THANK YOU FOR A WALL OF A GOOD TIME ".

      By deleting the bad code from every post . And reducing the dozens of new post entries to just a few .

      I did that .

      I found a couple of things . One was the posts all looked funny without their avatar .

      Which was another cool thing about my original effort . Was that in my website . WGT profile pics don't change when you change them here . So I had a lot of posts that had various members old pics . I thought that was a bonus cool . But now all of them were gone .

      Next I worked on restoring a profile pic to everyones post . That's over 300 WGTers . Some of them with multiple and dozens of posts . These will be all of their current pics .

     The other problem I found was when I copied a group of wall posts . I often overlapped to be sure I didn't miss one . Well that added up to dozens of duplicates . Which had to go .

      The other thing was that the WGT wall posts are dated from latest to earliest top to bottom . That had to change to earliest to latest top to bottom .

      So rather than get too anal about it . Each month is a mixture .

    IE . jan 12

      jan 20

      jan 5

      jan 6

      jan 27 etc , etc .

      Alright . Now is when I emphasize that those years of wall posts had a GR8 amount of significance to me . And you . And to all almost 300 WGTers that posted to my wall for years .

      I just want to thank you .

      The following list is a fairly complete list of wall posters . If you find yourself on this list . Then you at some point posted on my wall .

    This wall list is the first big list I compiled .

      I have also renamed the forum . It is now called . " THE NEW LONG WALL " .You can see those posts . By clicking below .

    THE NEW LONG WALL. Click to go to it . No registration should be necessary to view it .

      Go ahead and check it out . It is now only 1 long page . I think you will enjoy it . 

      If anyone is interested in viewing more . Feel free . There is only one forum not accessible to non registered users . It is ...


      I realize this isn't as big of a thing for anyone else . I like that I did it . And I like all the positive feedback . I even like the negative . But for the most part I love positive interaction .

  • craigswan
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    Mon, Aug 17 2020 11:58 AM

    I want to be on your wall .

  • pdb1
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    Mon, Aug 17 2020 3:08 PM

    I want to be on your wall .

      I could've sworn you were .

  • pdb1
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    Mon, Aug 17 2020 3:55 PM

      There are some of my forums that have a GR8 deal more content than this wall one .

      One of the best is this one .


    a colorful look at the 1st Memorial Tournament )THE FULL TOURNAMENT ART2016

      The above is the artwork . I just found out that the play by play of all the rounds has a similar corruption as the wall did . I've got to fix it . OMG what a mess .

    Another is .


    And another