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SEL v Wgt Amigos Shovlovin memorial

Wed, Sep 2 2020 3:06 PM (36 replies)
  • RANGER1988
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    Thu, Aug 13 2020 8:09 PM

    Had a Brilliant Round with Jeff (lingling), was great Company with great conversation!

    Jeff wins 1 up on the 1st extra hole.

    Thanks Jeff for the great Round, and Cheers to Pip & Viv for hosting 


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    Fri, Aug 14 2020 4:38 PM

    A great day  to make a new friend and play a match for a good cause.

    Ty Rio Girl Tina Vica :) for your time and i hope we play again, anytime hit me with an invite we can have more!!!!

    Just for the record the match finished 4up for me, i got lucky in some shots :)

    Riogirl had a very good game and some unlucky putts...

    All for the fun girl, Ty PiP and Vivi for the tourney (hugs n kisses) 

    have fun all and stay safe !



  • jacko1972
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    Sat, Aug 15 2020 3:49 AM

    Just finished my game with Dudu and the only difference in the tight match was the 1 shot that I had to concede due to Dudu leveling up to Legend status only yesterday


    Congrats on the level up and good luck with the new level Dudu and soon you will be flying on them Champ greens and kicking butt.


    Thank you for match and good luck to all left to play


    Jacko wins 1 up

  • TdotDoba
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    Sat, Aug 15 2020 7:27 AM

    Just played Walt (waltca) We had a great time and spin around St. Andy's... we toasted Brian and it felt like he was along for the ride...

    Was a great back and forth and ended A/S on the 9th as it should have!

    on the 11th hole I sank a long one to take the win.

    Thanks Walt, your class all the way....

    Cheers Shov ya twat woo hoo


  • vivian1234
    3,285 Posts
    Sat, Aug 15 2020 7:34 AM

    majorhook  wins 2 up   vs  JJenkins8813

    TSOULARA ( George ) wins 4 up  vs  RioGirlTinaVica


    TdotDoba  wins 1 up  vs  Waltca   on 2nd extra hole 

    Sorry i wasn't there on time Dotty , vacation and family delayed me .  But i watched some on twitch now .

    Cheers to Brian & cheers to all taking part .

    Viv xx

  • waltca
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    Sat, Aug 15 2020 8:39 AM
    had my match with dotty ,a true gent,he found the wine hidden by shov on first hole bunker we toasted his mem and played a fun match ,was a great time ,thanks much to organizers of this , gl to all. cheers walt
  • vivian1234
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    Sun, Aug 16 2020 3:47 AM

    Good morning to all,

    Have a happy Sunday !!


    JJenkins8813  won 1 up  vs  carolinablu  on 4th extra hole

    Jag001    won 2 up   vs   Bluey403



    Viv xx

  • bencat
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    Sun, Aug 16 2020 4:00 PM

    Bencat wins 3 and 2 over Osassy1

    one putter worked and one had a off day, fortunately for me it was mine that behaved.

    thanks for the game Jim and good luck to you and your CC in the future


  • TheSpark4
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    Mon, Aug 17 2020 1:05 AM

    Really nice to have met and played Luis (Mingos1), thanks too for his patience having trouble getting match set up first try yesterday.....
    Mobile match-up threw us Chambers back 9 in heavy winds and 7 greens, so about as grim as it gets! To still thoroughly enjoy the game says much for the company therefore!

    3&2 win for SEL. Thx to both Pip and Viv for putting this on, appreciate your efforts. 
    8am was a little too early to raise a glass to Shov, so a coffee mug will have to suffice instead ­čśÇ

    Good luck to Luis and The Amigo’s, cheers all 

  • AnaNikolaj
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    Mon, Aug 17 2020 1:12 PM

    Balbo972 and I played our match yesterday evening. It was a fun outing in memory of a great man. Boris was a really nice partner to share the course and despite not having much luck, I hope he enjoyed the round as much as I did. His demeanor was a credit to his CC and its late owner. The match ended 3&2 in my favour, but that was the least important thing of all. Thanks to the organisers for putting on this memorial for a very worthy gentleman.