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Turf Wars

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Wed, Aug 5 2020 12:00 AM (3 replies)
  • Miaski0
    88 Posts
    Sun, Aug 2 2020 5:12 PM

    I know I’m probably beating a dead horse but.. come on WGT change the Turf War format. What’s the point of a level 7 club with 8 members even trying to compete against a level 20 club with 240 members. When it’s 400 million to 4 million it gets a little depressing. I know it’s all random pairing just like Clashes but come on man. 

  • bossbird
    697 Posts
    Tue, Aug 4 2020 11:09 AM

    Sadly flogging a dead horse here !

  • MarchieB
    666 Posts
    Tue, Aug 4 2020 11:17 AM

    Just out of curiosity as I have only been in two Country Clubs in my time with WGT and both were level 18 or greater.

    Is the number of used CC passes required to activate a Turf War proportional to the CC Level. For example a level 18-20 CC needs somewhere in the range of 500 used CC passes to activate a Turf War. Is it the same for a Level 2,5,10 or whatever CC??

    EDIT: after asking around the CC pass requirement is a direct correlation to the number of members of a CC. The Turf War requirement = 2 x # of members. So a CC with 8 members only needs 16 passes to be used to start a turf war and a CC with 250 members would require 500.

  • bossbird
    697 Posts
    Wed, Aug 5 2020 12:00 AM

    Yes correct, it is the same equation if everyone played their free passes you can generate a turf war every other day